Alpha Efficiency is not supported with ads, but occasionally advertisers approach me with requests to purchase links. While sometimes I take the offer, there were a lot of offers that didn’t cut through. For the people who are interested in advertising on Alpha Efficiency, for the time being this is the only way to go about it, through sponsored posts.

Payment and payment method

The cost of the post is 100$. And currently there is only one day per two weeks in advertising schedule. You can check the availability via email. The payment is required in advance, as I want to avoid messy situations that used to happen in the past, where I would publish the link and never to hear from the advertiser again. While in turn the link went out live to my social networks and RSS feeds of my readers.

What can the post include?

The post can include up to two links.

The content based value added articles will always have a priority, and even possibly a discount for the guest post like articles that contribute to the Alpha Efficiency community. If you create a copy that is solving a problem, or teaching users how to user your product or service that is solving the productivity or technology related problem my readership has, it certainly is a plus. Now for your part, the article can include up to two links, a photo. Including “sponsored post” at the article tittle is mandatory.

Additional service information

Alpha Efficiency is Page Rank 3 blog (at the time of writing this article),8000 followers on Twitter and around 10 000 unique monthly visits to the website. Majority of traffic is coming from USA (70% plus), UK, Canada and other English speaking countries.

Who are my readers?

My readers consist of various techie people, who are most likely developers, owners of productivity apps or powerful Alpha people who are interested in improving their skill set through use of technology and self development.

Contact information

The best way to reach me about advertising is via email:

mail @ AlphaEfficiency (dot) com

Look forward working with you on our mutual win-win-win scenario. (publisher-advertiser-reader) To mutual success.