Festina Lente – The Story of a Roman Emperor That Took His Time

Feeling like I am in a rush to accomplish my goals, and I want to get to them done as quickly as possible. But in all this rush, I feel that by skipping these important steps towards doing things right, I am getting further away from my goals. I hope you can learn from that experience.

As one of my favorite minds of all time, Augustus Octavian Caesar has put it:

Festina Lente!

It means, hurry up slowly. Those two words have far deeper meaning. The story behind them is very important, so pay attention:

To get things done, it will take as much time, as it is needed for them to happen. The fastest way of doing things, is if we sit down and do them right.

In this era of things done quickly, we have a big market for things done right.

Modernity has left us all feeling powerless and out of control. The big part of feeling powerless, is due to the fact that we don’t stay long enough with the problems. Arriving to the future is a part of the process, and rushing to get there, will probably make that destination even further away.

Distraction element of 21st century is making big goals almost impossible in our minds, while that is certainly not the case. We got way more power than we allow ourselves to have.

If there was any person that defied all odds by practicing this philosophy, it was Octavian. He observed, took little action, accomplished a lot. Taking massive action is a good approach, and in order to make great things, you probably will have to put your mind to accomplishing a lot.

But if you stay with problems long enough, and you remain disciplined, you will move through the social landscape, and get more done. So next time when you are in a rush, ask yourself, are you even doing the right thing? How is this getting you closer to your goals? What is the highest and best use of your time?

When you have an answer to these simple questions, things can get clearer. Octavian was carefully planning his ascendence to the Roman throne, so should you. You will need to define it, visualize it, and think how to reach it, along each step of the way. Always keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day.