Why Dynamic Mind Needs to Come Back Home

The reason why your content production needs to be centralized is because you own it, and you control it.

I tweet a lot is because I am getting off on knowing that I’ve posted something out there, and that people will see it, and may or may not engage with it. It is super quick and easy, gives that jolt of instant gratification every time you do it. It becomes addictive.

I want to make blogging as rapid as Tweeting, so I can get in front of the people in my preferred format, and keep them engaged for longer than just a tweet.

The next step of “living live” will be getting these blog posts out in the same manner as I do on Twitter. Living live is a concept of hyper connectedness. Many online celebrities are doing it. I feel intertwined with some of these online influencers, as they are bringing the raw content from their mind. Getting the posts out quick, and making sure that they gain engagement, momentum and ensuring that they stay encouraging to others is a purpose of this blog.

And because of it, I will bring back the commenting sections, so I can give more voice to the people, that I can ultimately become the platform, and let others get engaged with me, even if they don’t have social media. This is the house, and the majority of hyper produced content needs to stay in the house. Welcome to my place!