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“the simplest, most elegant file-sync tool ever”
– PC Magazine

Simplest way to explain what Dropbox is: “Your folder on all devices!” Dropbox supports Android phones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS X. If you have multiple devices, this is a must have application. It comes with 2 gb of free storage, but if you recommend it to your friends or tweet about it, you can increase your limit with ease. If you need space beyond that, you can pay for it. Beauty of this application is it’s simplicity, it feels, acts and does what a regular folder does. If you still need explanation on what Dropbox is, watch this video:


No more issues with file transferring between devices. This application alone is game changer, because there are many smart ways that we can take advantage of it and we will keep them covered. This application is especially interesting for people who tend to do their work from home. So instead of carrying your USB flash with you, just simply put those files in your Dropbox folder and they are with you everywhere you go. This will save you bunch of time guaranteed!

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Your download link – through this link only, you will get additional 250 megabytes when you sign up!


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