Why You Should Drop Out Of College and Pursue On Demand Education

Institutionalized knowledge is overrated, and salaries of people without college degrees are out there to prove it. Companies have  evolving needs, and the traditional educational environment is crushing under the weight of its bureaucracy. Propaganda is institutionalized and if you aren’t going in the direction of heavy science, and you just want to learn marketable skills, you are better off saving your hard earned cash, and skip college altogether. This isn’t the fact in every industry but is focused on technology. Wouldn’t be able to vouch this for you for other industries, but I hold it to be true in digital.

My degree in investment banking didn’t bring me anything in my career. Four years that I’ve spent at school granted me the understanding of the economic propaganda knowledge on how the world should work. I’ve also learned that It doesn’t work the way it is described. College education had a heavy indoctrination slant, and it didn’t encourage me to develop independent thought. It encouraged me to learn what already exists, define it and reiterate more of the same. College won’t create a disruptive mindset, that is needed for you to bypass the usual system hierarchy.

So if you are in college, I do encourage you to start working right away. Either on your own projects or to be employed for someone. I do encourage you to save your time, more so than money, because the time you won’t be able to recover. You will end up saving money as well. However, just because I evangelize different education approach, that doesn’t mean that I don’t support education all the way.

What is Real Time Knowledge

As an employee, you will be responsible to solve problems. The knowledge necessary to solve simple business problems in day to day operations is minimal, compared to your curriculum. Numerous things from your curriculum are completely irrelevant. Anything that is in your curriculum that doesn’t add to your marketability, is more or less propaganda. If you want to get educated, follow the people whom you want to be like when you develop yourself as a person.

I know that many of you will be indoctrinated to believe in institutional education. I understand that. It is hard to bypass the years of  programming shoved down your throat. It creates a feeling of uncertainty. If you want to make a compromise, just get your BA, and stop wasting money on endless master degrees out there. You are far better off just buying Lynda.com account, and having a no-nonsense approach to the precise skills that you need to develop in order to create value and make a living.

On demand, knowledge means learning the bare bones of the skills needed to thrive in any given moment. It means adopting the mindset of constant learning and observing the life as a form of the game, where you constantly need to resolve issues that are preventing you from obtaining the outcome. Whatever that outcome may be.

Institutionalized knowledge is failing you in this regard. It is only granting you a hyper-focused world view, that will help you only resolve a specific type of problems. By the time you start resolving those problems, your education will be outdated. You need to transcend the notion of education being a one of investment. It is something that is happening continually, daily.

Constantly putting yourself outside of the comfort zone, and learning how to be comfortable in an unpleasant environment will create a type of personality that can thrive under any circumstances and any environment.

What is my suggestion?

If you’ve graduated college, good job. Now it’s time to realize that it doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Your GPA doesn’t matter, compliments from your college professor don’t matter. It’s all a part of the game, leading you to believe that you’re worth more than you actually are.

In the following steps, start to understand that education alone won’t help you earn a higher wage. In fact, it might even impede you from obtaining a job, because people will believe that you are too expensive for them to pay you, and the value that you will bring to the table, will be the equal or marginally better, than someone who has less education. Competing for higher level jobs, without prior experience will diminish your options.

How do I know this?

I’ve rejected numerous candidates based on their salary requirements that I’ve cross compared to the value that they can bring to the table. If someone was coming from the fancy university and didn’t have enough of the experience, I wouldn’t even consider them. They would be looking 20-30% more in salary than those who came from traditional college environment.

Final Thoughts

One more thing about this new found reality is that numerous tasks that need to be accomplished on a day to day basis, don’t require college education. They require doing your own thinking, and capability to adapt to the ever-shifting sands of the modern economy. Education won’t enable you this, but continuous on demand knowledge will.