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How Being Organized Keeps You On Track Of Your Goals

Our minds find excuses easily, and clutter is a common excuse that prevents us from achieving serendipity in our workflow. If you are starting your own business, it is especially important to keep your work environment healthy. Even more so than when you are holding a job.

Have you ever found yourself needing to clear up your desk before you could even start working? This is putting an additional mental strain on the long list of things that you already need to do. These barriers to start are creating an illusion of additional strain required. When your energy is low, this perception itself is killing the willpower to make a move.

The more issues you have to start working, the bigger of a deal it will Appear to be. Your barrier to the working needs to be completely removed before you are even faced with a potential decision. This is why so many people are advocating for clearing up your desk and keeping it sacred.

If you are a rank and file procrastinator, like the majority of the people, you could always overestimate the chaos, and give yourself an excuse. In the mind games you play with yourself daily, the perception of these things is critical when it comes to making the determination whether you will or you will not start working. Also here’s the catch 22. If you were a non-procrastinating person, you would already be following this path of clearing up, before starting. People that aren’t procrastinators are already clearing their desks for the next day. This whole piece in an of itself is not something that interests them.

Another great example of keeping yourself prepared, and what kind of benefits it gives you are gym clothing. I have a big gym bag in my car, that keeps all my gym clothing handy. It sits in the car and has a week’s worth of clothes. If I didn’t have that bag ready, I would have skipped endless workouts, and I would give myself an excuse, not to workout. The value of that bag is immense, as it helped me work on my body and health, even in the times, when I didn’t feel like it. Just because everything is set and ready to go, I was in the situation where the barrier to starting working out was so easy, that I literally couldn’t have created an excuse.

Being organized and ready is creating an environment that has a bias for action. Removing the roadblocks “to start” when we have a lot of energy and willpower is essential to keeping up with the commitments in the times of struggle when we have low energy and poor willpower. This is a transfer of energy that helps us keep up with our commitments, even in situations where usually we would give up. Out of all principles in an organized life, I think that this one helped me out the most.

In this issue 3 of Alpha Efficiency Magazine, we covered organizational habits in-depth, as well as some of the tools that we believed could help you move this in the right direction.

The original article was written in 2011 on a PC

I’ve just read the article that I wrote previously.  It was published on December 29th.  My mind shifted since then in a major way.  While I was giving out the reasons before, why you need to have an organized desk, don’t watch YouTube and all other common knowledge.

I made a commitment to make this blog a better place, and I will extinguish any sort of mediocre content.  Now I will keep the focus of this article on how to be organized and I will have an unconventional approach to it.  When we have stuff, we have something to organize actually.  We are doomed to own objects, but what we don’t realize is that we have to many things, our minds start to clog.  We keep track of all the things that we own.

This by itself is creating the convolution in our minds, which leads us to brain overload.  We have to think where we left anything, how old is it, is it worth throwing or keeping?  Consumerism society led us to own all that useless junk.  Now that useless junk is not something you need, even if it seems appealing.

The solution to organizing, not only your workplace but rather and the house to the booth as well, I have one single tip: “Don’t own too many things!”

Once you don’t have cluttering items, there is nothing left to organize.  This way you are avoiding the process of the organization even if you aren’t that good at it.

Minimalism is the key to a solid work environment!

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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