2 Creative Apps and One Tip That Can Change Your Instant Messaging

Update: My views on instant messagings have changed in the meanwhile. I rarely use instant messaging systems anymore.  And for the most of the time I chose Skype as my main instant messenger of choice. Why did I do that? Well as internet grows bigger, so does the number of it’s users. Not everyone is interested anymore in typing.

Voice came to dominate the market. It’s not that I don’t like chatting anymore, but it’s far better to have someone in the background with whom I can talk to and do something else. For that matter, my instant messaging needs have reached out to Skype naturally. Now, I am not using Digsby since I switched to Mac, and Trillian was alright for a while, until I became a Skype user. For some time I have been fussing around with Imo.Im but dropped it afterwards.

The deal is I wanted to consolidate my instant messaging into one application that works well. And not single one of them gave me the results that I exactly wanted. So I gave up on instant messaging. Only app that I use for chatting is iMessage and Viber, that are only enabled on iPhone. Computer became my working environment and I don’t want to spend time chatting, instead of working.

If you are still forced to use instant messaging platforms, I would advise these two applications. Digsby is great, but if you are looking for mobile IMO.IM and Trillian might be a better option.

Managing Instant messaging accounts can be a drag. If you are an internet user like me, you’ve got all sorts of IM accounts scattered around, without being able to tie them up in one place. I have ICQ, Windows Messanger, Facebook Chat, Gmail Chat… You name it, I’ve got it. Managing all those different accounts became a real drag for me. I have found a couple of systems that can help you set them and forget them. Access them anytime you like, with a simple click.

That system was built on the apps that I am going to mention in the upcoming posts. Although Alpha Efficiency advocates against use of Instant Messaging, I can safely assume that we really do NEED IM sometimes. Be it for business purposes, be it for private, IM became integrated part of our lives. Something unavoidable.

Now I am sure you remember the days when you had to turn on MSN and Gtalk at the same time. It is double work, you would have to open up, basically two different windows at the same time. With the help of these tools, you will end the distraction caused by multiple chat clients. Yep, it has happened to me in the past. One friend is on Facebook, another one is on Gtalk, and I was constantly forced to swap between the chats. Well not anymore…

Digsby does that for you! It has many useful features and chat is one that is most important. I love the fact that they are constantly improving it and there are new updates all the time, so everything is working and up to date. It’s simple and effective, I use it and highly recommend it. One of it’s top features is easy control over where you chat.

One of the biggest benefits of Digsby is logging of your conversations. I experienced previously my Facebook profile getting banned and I’ve lost all those chats. I love to have those logs for reference or in case I forget something. They are searchable and useful and we tend to forget to it. So beside online backup, you can keep those conversations on your own hard drive.

For the other functions of Digsby, if you are really into productivity, don’t integrate your social newsfeed and email. It’s constant flow of interuptions and it’s bad for business. I would shut down IM as well, but it lets me get things done, so it’s necessary evil. Also keep in mind if you are in the flow of something, shutting down IM might also be a good idea, no matter how useful it is.

Download link for Digsby

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I moved my messaging system away from Digsby, once I went Apple all out. Not only I couldn’t support Digsby anymore on the new platform, I also found an alternative. Trillian.

Instant Messaging With Trillian

Trillian offers the very same Digsby functionality (minus email), and added cloud backup of your chat logs. Trillian is really old application, it exists for at least a decade, which in internet time means a lot. Now, beside great desktop client, there are also mobile apps.

It supports iOS and Android as well. Having my instant messaging tied to one account that can access all the devices is huge for me and quite frankly amazing time saver.

If you try any of these IM tools, please let me know and tell me what do you think about them. Download link for Trillianhttp://www.trillian.im/


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