Daily Briefing: Air Pods At The First Glance and Duet Display for iPad

Today wasn’t jam packed with great reads, but I want to try to make this habit stick. During the morning and day, as I’ve found interesting pieces I’ve placed them into the doc, but there were only three articles worthy of the attention of my readers. Once I noticed I was striving to hard to find another piece, I felt it was forced, so I’ve decided to give up and shed the light only on things that mattered. Keeping integrity is more important than quantity.

AirPods at the First Glance

Catch up with the Mac Sparky’s early review of Air Pods, read at your own peril, because this review will get you tempted to fork out the money needed.

Duet Display coupled with MacBook Retina

Since the Sierra macOS update duet doesn’t support Mission control which is an integral component of my daily workflow, but that issue will be quickly resolved. Hence reading about a duet workflow, and how it benefits a user holds a lot of future value. Read how Jake Underwood from MacStories uses Duet in combination with iPad Pro and MacBook. It’s very detailed, and will help you discern wether Duet is the right tool for you. I definitively expecting that Apple will roll this feature out as a native part of operating system in the future down the road.

Speaking of Duet and the updates, this update will add the touch bar from the new MacBook Pro to any iPad out there. Good Innovation cycle from the developers.

Moving Picture in a Picture

The picture in a picture is a feature that I liked quite a bit on my iPad, but seems that it arrived on a macOS as well. Move picture in a picture anywhere on your screen. This simplification of the UI is pretty cool. Now you can watch YouTube and work at the same time. Not very productive, but I can imagine a very productive use if you are working on a course, and you need to follow what’s going on live.