Crypto Journal Going Live

So considering that a lot of people are taking a humongous interest in Crypto lately, I wanted to move my thoughts onto my blog, the Alpha Efficiency. It’s not like I’ve used this site for much else recently.

I will structure it in a blog format, and I will cover pretty much anything that crosses my mind, but you will be able to expect things like:

  1. Mining components
  2. Day Trading
  3. Coin reviews
  4. Giveaways
  5. Guides on how to setup your exchanges
  6. Position Calls
  7. And much more…

My motto with my own content was always to speak from first-hand experience. If I am recommending something, I am doing so, because I already did what I am suggesting.

I am making this journal as my own public notes, that other people may benefit from. If you get value (and make loads of money from following this journal), you can feel free to donate to my ETH address here:


I should be writing here daily, and if I don’t, check my Twitter, I am most likely blabbering something over there.

This is only an intro post, I’ll be moving onto writing the real deal now. Thanks for reading, hope you make some money out of this.

Best regards,