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Evolving the CORE with Outsourcing

CORE used to stand for Collect, Organize, Review and Eliminate. But somehow I’ve noticed that review is pretty much the similar thing as organize. And I wanted to include the most important ingredient into the CORE, that feels left out.

As I am moving away from systems and started downsizing them, I’ve felt the compelling need to include the Outsourcing as the critical part of the CORE. Outsourcing is adding more hours to your day, than any other step. So now instead of organizing O stands for Outsourcing.

How is Outsourcing different than delegation?

Some other systems may call this delegation, but often delegation is not as reliable as outsourcing, as there is no vested personal interest in your tasks and goals of the person you’re delegating to. The difference between the outsourcing and delegation is the fact that not anyone can delegate effectively, but almost everyone can learn to write clear emails and communicate with virtual assistants.

Your VA’s and you have the values and goals aligned. You are taking the risk, by investing (if you are an entrepreneur), or you are sharing the part of your revenue with VA’s and their families. This means his focus is on your business or your private matters, as your goals are becoming his goals.

This creates the shift in thinking. When you effectively learn how to relax when dealing with VA’s, you will realize the difference between the delegation and outsourcing.

No more you will have to add tasks to “waiting for lists”, and rarely you will have to follow up with your VA’s. They know what you want done, and they do it.

Why did I remove Organizing?

So instead of doubling the step of organizing and reviewing, I’ve decided to swap the element that is truly a CORE of your productivity. This way CORE system doesn’t look as much as the system. It looks more like you’re running a tiny company with a big potential to explode, and you being its CEO.

When you start outsourcing, you’re literally adding up hours to your days. Hours not doing things you didn’t want to, while effectively clearing your mind for more creative tasks.

My personal experience as an outsourced labor

I’ve used to be an outsourced labor. Was working for an American company, and was handsomely compensated. If it wasn’t for that opportunity, I am not sure I would be able to find a job and experience I’ve drawn from it, to gain the skills that I have today. Outsourcing changed my life for the better, and made me a better entrepreneur.

Impact of my experience

The experience acquired while working as an outsourced consultant provided a different worldview, and also provided personal independence in a country that has 30% unemployment. While everyone around me despaired, I was thriving.

I know I’ve been paid three to four times less, than the person of equal skill in the developed countries, but it also helped me develop my confidence about life and learning that the country you’re in, doesn’t necessarily need to be the country you’re working in. Internet-enabled this wide-scale economy, that gave an opportunity to less fortunate people.

That is the big reason why I am a proponent of outsourcing. This way people who live in the developed country are offered an opportunity to start up a business without hiring expensive personal, while at the same time, you’re feeding families across the planet, and putting that untapped energy to work.

Outsourcing is a win-win scenario

When I talked with my good friend Ali, CEO of Efficise, we were debating is outsourcing a win-win scenario, and to both satisfaction, we came to the positive conclusion. Outsourcing is an effective bridge to correcting market inefficiencies and empowering the people across the globe.

Outsourcing is effectively adding more freedom to you and your business.

The trust factor

There needs to be a great deal of confidence between you and your “employees”. For instance, my VA’s have access to the admin account of this website through LastPass. I trust them that much. They know that my work is important and the success of my online venture is also their success. For that reason, I trust Efficise and their team.

But before you jump into outsourcing “all-in” you need to consider who you are working with, you have to experiment and give it some time. That trust needs to be earned. I am reaching a point, where my VA’s are going to have a complete access to my task manager. And will help me with my weekly planning.

Buying more brainpower

When you start outsourcing, don’t be robotic about it. There is a lot of processes and recurring tasks that I do advise you to get, so you get the most out of your outsourcing experience, but you also need to set yourself free and let them use their own brains. More often than not, I was positively surprised!

This way, you’re not only buying hours, you’re adding to your own creativity. Most of my decision-making process doesn’t go, without consulting my VA’s. They are educated and great people, so if you find one company that provides good services, I recommend you stick to them!


If you haven’t started outsourcing, now is the time. Never in human history have we’ve been empowered to work and collaborate across the continents as in 21st century. Not jumping on outsourcing bandwagon is leaving you without a competitive advantage in today’s market. What are you waiting for?

If you don’t know where to start, I’d recommend Efficise. They have been a tremendous help in maintaining and leveraging this blog to a whole new level. You can read my review about them and their services here.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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