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Cookie Club Admission Announcement ( post)

Before I start…

This post is about, ad-free social platform. This post is set to mark my posting milestone of 10 000 posts. You should keep reading, so you can see what I truly think about the amazing people you can find there.

How time flies by…

Wow, these 10 000 posts really flew by. And there are so many of you that made a tremendous impact on the way I view social networks. If there was a “right way” to do social media then it’s engagement like we have here.

Ultimately I can’t glorify the, I can only glorify you, the people, who invested your time to get to know me and allowed me to get to know you, regardless of some of our differences.

The treasure trove I’ve found

I didn’t have a plan for, I didn’t plan out these 10 000 updates, they just happened. And they wouldn’t happen had it not been for the vibrant chatty people like you. I believe that more than 70% of my posts are mentions and replies to ongoing conversations. That’s what is different in comparison to other social outlets. We talk.

I was expecting a lot of things on here, but I’ve found one that I almost thought was forgotten: Respectful communication in spite of our differences.

The impact

There is a concept called brainstorming, where a group of 6–10 people get together to discuss ideas and plans that would better their lives. To me, feels like ongoing 24/7 brainstorming session on steroids.

And in this whole chaos of avatars, words, and hashtags, I’ve learned one very important thing, one that slips me away for the most of the time when I interact on the internet: There are real people behind the words you read.

Perhaps that occurred to me because the whole lot of us got involved in sharing some snippets of our personal lives, our stories, and beliefs. And when you’re surrounded with people, instead of zillion mindless spambots (hi Twitter), you get the feeling of what true community really is.

Celebrating Diversity

When I was a student I was a part of the student member group called AIESEC. It’s one wonderful global student ran the organization. As members, all of us were trying to live by the AIESEC creed, which had one important value. Value of “Celebrating Diversity”. And that’s exactly what we have here. Diversity. People from all corners of the planet, from all walks of life, with some common goals and interests.

AIESEC-er in me is really happy, that there are more places out there, where you can feel the vibrant global spirit, meshed up in one place. The melting pot, with a lot of respectful people who are ready and open to dialogue. That is not something that would happen accidentally. It has its purpose.

Metaphysical aspect

Even though most of us are geeky in nature, I believe that we can all comprehend the metaphysical nature of the community that assembled here. It was bound to happen because there were ideas that were naturally gravitating towards the creation of this place. The fact that you’re here, is because you were supposed to be here. And I truly believe in that.

Ultimately this group will evolve and will reflect ourselves. So I wholeheartedly hope that all of us try to grow into a little bit better people. If we want to keep this place awesome, we have to remain awesome ourselves. It is a responsibility towards something that brings us a lot of value in return. Not because of, but because of other people, our future friends, lovers, business partners… I feel all of that is possible on here.


I am thankful for allowing me to feel at home. I am thankful for the ideas that you’ve helped me conceive, thankful for support when I felt shitty and most of all thankful for expanding my horizons.

Now let’s move on to more greatness.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

2 responses to “Cookie Club Admission Announcement ( post)

  1. Totally agree!! I too believe all what you say!! These are all real people and they really are there in any help you need!! And that includes you too Bojan!! Remember that Google Apps stuff!! 🙂

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