Hi guys, thanks for taking the interest in contacting us. Before you do contact us, let’s make this page useful information for you on how to contact us. There might be several reasons why you might want to contact us, as some people did so far:

  1. you want to advertise on our website/magazine
  2. you want to contribute a guest post
  3. you want to ask us for assistance in your workflow
  4. you want to ask us a question about an article

For each of these instances we have made some answers for you to save time and energy. Let us give you an idea on what goes and what doesn’t.

1. If you want to contact us about advertising, be sure to read advertising guidelines!

2. Alpha Efficiency cares about its readership above all else, so we are a content-driven website. We share a vision of a more productive universe, so if you possess an energy and ambition to push this world into a better place, by making everyone more productive, than we have an ear for you. If you believe you are good enough, you should send us the article right away. We don’t want you to send us an article asking if you can guest post; that wastes your time and ours.

You can simply send us the text and if we think it’s of high enough quality, we will publish it. In case we don’t take your article (response to that matter you will get within 48 hours), we will send you your spider back!  (this is in a reference to a hilarious article that you should read). Jokes aside, we won’t abuse your idea, and it’s simply going to be forgotten, as if we never got it in the first place.

What do you get from contributing to Alpha Efficiency?

There are numerous benefits to contributing to Alpha Efficiency. Here is the list of goodies that you will get as a contributor:

  • You will be able to insert 3 links to web locations of your choice
  • Those links will be do follow, and at the time of writing this, Alpha Efficiency has a PR 3 and keeps growing
  • You will be exposed to a community of more than 2000 Twitter followers who are actively engaged into the topic of productivity
  • You will be exposed to more than 100 RSS followers
  • You will meet new serious people, with similar goals and ambitions
  • If you are exceptionally good, your article will be pushed to 100+ email subscribers

We are looking forward seeing your ideas. Don’t be afraid of rejection, if we don’t like something about your article, we will specifically let you know what part needs to be fixed before it gets ready for digital print.

3. You want to contact us about assisting you with your workflow? We are not officially promoting our coaching / consulting services, but if you took interest in us helping you out, make sure that you have Skype ready. We are willing to offer free 15 to 30 minutes consultations in order to get each other better and conclude can we work together. We are very social and enjoy meeting new people. So if you want to dig deeper into Alpha Efficiency, reach out, while the offer is still on.

4. If you want to contact us about a specific topic or an idea please include a link reference to what you are talking about. We know we’ve written that article, but the deal is that we can’t remember every single article that we’ve written. Try to be specific and down to the point, so neither of us wastes any time. This also goes if you found some grammatical / style errors. Hey, nobody’s perfect, if you saw something that exceptionally pokes your eyes, hit us an email.

Now at the end, our email address. Sorry for the format, but it’s intended to confuse the spam bots, but we are sure you will be able to read it 🙂

mail (at) alphaefficiency (dot) com

Keep in Touch,


Bojan Djordjevic and Darren Tong,  Senior Editors at Alpha Efficiency