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Coming Back To The Roots Of Blogging + Newly Discovered Apps

I remember when I used to blog out of pure passion. When I used to write for the pure form of expressing myself and my feelings. The more I’ve read about blogging, the worse blogger I became. Blogging is about freedom, it’s about making meaningful connections. And I already wrote about this before.

Now I want to get back to that type of writing. Maybe my blogging quality will drop down a little bit, but you will be able to hear me more frequently and more “in my own voice”. Which is actually better than pushing out something that is always “delivering value”.

Now I want to focus more on blogging on my mobile devices. And I am going to use iPad for it. I’ve setup Blogsy in that fashion that most of my active websites are at the grasp of my fingertips.

And I am making everything available at the tips of my fingers. I want to jump trough as least hoops as humanly possible in order to acomplish what I want. And so in my Reeder scavanger hunt, I stumbled upon this awesome tiny 1$ app, called Drafts. Drafts is amazing, and I want to thank David Sparks from for sharing this great app with us.

What does drafts actually do? It’s a simple text editor with an amazing twist. It allows you to save your input in various different services. Ranging from Twitter and Facebook, all the way up to Evernote, Dropbox and OmniFocus.

It’s amazing how this app works almost increadibly with my current setup. Whoever did it, had to have me in consideration as a potential buyer, because it fits perfectly in what I am doing with the phone. Instead of keeping it on my homescreen (although I still do), I made an activator shortcut for it. So all I need to do is swipe to the right on the iPhone’s status bar, and I am ready. My keyboard is out and I am typing.

Right after that typing I can decide weather I will publish it to Twitter or save it as a task in my Omnifocus or note in my Evernote. It’s pure gold! For a 1$ app, it’s an absolute must have for any iPhone owner. It’s totally worth it!

Now the second app that I started using is Launchbar. I didn’t see the need for Launcbhar, until I’ve tried it. I always thought that Spotlight is sufficient. And it was. Until I tried Launcbhar. Now I am not sure how did I function without it.

To be honest there is no much difference in comparison with Spotlight, but the main difference is the fact that you are cutting one step down. It’s reacting a little bit faster and is guessing your needs half a second before Spotlight would. I believe that Spotlight is still undisputed master of search on your Mac, but as application launcher, Launchbar is so much better.

These two apps kept me, and still do keep me busy. Now funny thing happened. As I made linked Dropbox to Drafts, new folder emerged. The folder called Drafts, ofcourse. And I used to have a folder where I kept all my writing in physical form in one place. I liked the idea of having unpublished articles that I’ve written so far in one place, and the name couldn’t be more perfect. Drafts. So it seems that Drafts became one of the most important folders on my computer, beside being awesome input tool.

I really can’t stop mentioning it’s speed. Try it, it’s worth it!


Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

2 responses to “Coming Back To The Roots Of Blogging + Newly Discovered Apps

  1. There’s always ANOTHER app and platform to learn/use, isn’t there Bojan? For us OLD GUYS, we get tired of having to learn yet something else, though I completely understand the value of them!

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