Clutter Is #Productivity Turn Off

The mess is a huge turn off for productivity. The less I have the better I get. When I have too much stuff in the “working zone”, I tend to hate it, leave it and don’t frequent back to it often.

Virtual Clutter? Does that exist?

This stands for virtual, as well as it stands for the physical. Literally the same. Even little friction can lead to huge procrastination. My advice is to mindfully create a habit of maintaining “zero” state, where you have to 6-8 items that you are working on at any given moment.

What to do with the rest?

That’s a good question, I am still trying to figure that one for myself, but for the time being, everything that is “completed” goes to some sort of backup app, like Evernote or Dropbox. Working area should always be cleaned up. How you are going to go about it, it’s up to you. It’s quite the mess in the archive folder here… 😉