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Break Your Routine Up To Spark Inspiration

Currently I am on the airport and I didn’t sleep at all last night. No matter how dead tired I am, my mind started to deliver solutions and immense number of fresh ideas regarding my upcoming book.

Quite some time passed, before the concentration phase occured. In this case the trigger was breaking out of my daily routine, and that triggered an avalanche of work getting done!

The moment when you shift your mind and yourself from the usual daily habits, magic happens! What is magic? Magic for really creative people is when they “groove” in the zone and they start creating.

Listening to Steve Jobs on my headphones and writing a blog article on an iPad, while there is ton of background, might not seem like an ideal creating environment, but it actually is, if you feel the need for it.

I am not forcing myself into writing this, it just comes naturally. That is the power of inspiration. So if you feel a little stuck, the bottle neck of your productivity is not the slow tools that you are using, it is actually your mind. Me writing this in perfectly awful environment creativity wise is a proof of this.

So what you should actually do, when you don’t feel inspired? WALK AWAY! One of biggest powers of mind is passive problem solving! When you walk away from the problem, your background mental processes are actively working on the solution. Take advantage of this information.

The worse thing that you can do with your time is waste it and pour it into a problem that you are stuck with. That is why 7 Steps To Alpha Efficiency is taking it’s time. It’s not going to be yet another ebook, it has to be better!

That is why you should never put negative emotions of guilt into your system. Take a break, be productive.


Brian Djordjevic
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Brian Dordevic

Brian is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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