Before you collect the next digital information, you need to ask yourself this question

When you are collecting a lot of information into your Pocket or Instapaper, over time you will develop zealous capturing mechanism, which will transform your Read It Later app into a chore, more than into a pleasurable reading experience.

As I am writing a huge article on Collecting (a part of CORE), I started to wonder what needs to get into my system, and help me be more mindful of the content I gather for reading. This question is of tremendous help:

Will this piece of content benefit me immediately?

If the answer is no, I will either save it to Evernote and tag it properly, or I will not save it at all. This saves a lot of time, and helps you with your goals. As well as lowering the amount of the information you are consuming. Learning is nice, but it needs to be only 20% of your total time spent on your business. And I am certain that, if you are remotely like me, you are spending too much time reading (unnecessary things).

There are more thoughts on collecting coming out in our Newsstand magazine, we are certain you will like them!