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Are You Using Traffic Jam to Your Advantage?

As I am writing this article I am stuck in the middle of traffic jam. Since I am not driving I am taking these brief moments to share my thoughts with you. It might not be the best environment for creating, but productivity is all about making every moment count, including those you consider wasted! Every moment is what we make of it! Each passing second is about us how we are going to take advantage of it. I could choose to whine on my currently ill fate, but I chose something else.

How many hours you wasted in your life, while waiting for something? There are no excuses for modern renaissance men! Maybe you are stuck in the bank line? Or while you’re waiting at the dentist / doctor?

I have a huge advantage by being a writer, hence my core activity can be achieved literally from anywhere, but even someone with regular office job can achieve a lot during “wasted moments”.

I bet most of you heard the idea of checking your mail once a day. While I also recommend this, I want to add that you should prepare to check your mail during those “wasted moments”. This way your metro drive to work has completely different meaning.

If you are driving to work, you might turn off the music you are listening and tune in to some cool audio books that might help your professional development or consider learning a new language with audio lessons. Or maybe read those articles you saved in your Instapaper? With development of smart phones this task was never easier than before. My phone allows me to capture wasted moments and create great pictures, audio recordings and share them with the world.

Considering the capabilities of technology we have at our disposal today, it’s a shameful not to make every moment count? Are you striving to achieve this level of productivity, or you’re letting every moment pass you by?

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

17 responses to “Are You Using Traffic Jam to Your Advantage?

  1. “How many hours you wasted in your life, while waiting for something? There are no excuses for modern renaissance men! Maybe you are stuck in the bank line? Or while you’re waiting at the dentist / doctor?”

    I work 24/7 so what? 🙂 many developers with whom I work with are surprised that I am always available to answer their questions at anytime of the day.
    Being productive is not about working “harder” per say, but it also combines a lot of smart work too!

    1. I think you should blow off some steam. Somtimes when you work too much, you loose some amazing ideas. Diversify… Chasing money and goals only, will not lead you to happiness. Rather money should be byproduct of happiness.

      You will figure it out by yourself I know it!

  2. Yeah I do this sometimes. I wrote the other day the old fashioned way in my note book whilst waiting for a meeting to visit a conservation project. This is making good use of time.

  3. Bojan,

    I have often found myself at those moments when I can choose to just sit or do other things. I am getting better at recognizing those moments. Thanks for this post. A jog to the ‘productivitiy gland’ is sometimes needed. 🙂

          1. Thanks for the recommendation! I actually still don’t have a smartphone for budget reasons, but when I do get one it’ll probably be Android so I Evernoted your suggestion for down the road. *pun not intended, but fits* 😛

  4. Yeah I’m one of those too that will use every opportunity to get a little bit of work done. That’s why I love my iPhone and the cloud workflows I’ve setup for everything. I always have access to any data I need.

    In the car, I like listening to audiobooks. Whenever I’m waiting, it’s either email, texts or instapaper.

  5. I have had times where it seemed like the only work I got done was staying busy. As you mentioned above, checking your email once a day –haha — I used to check it about 50 times a day. Not sure what I thought was so important in there. Maybe I thought that million dollar client was waiting on me to respond to them! Honestly, it has taken me about five years to get over my busy work email checking, but I have not checked my email in about four days now. Why, I’m busy blogging and don’t want to be distracted by my email. Guess I should check it today and delete the probably 500 nonsense emails out of there before my email program crashes!

    Great insight! I once wasted more time than I worked and finally have realized how much easier and more productive it is to just get the work done!

    Great post!
    Thank you,

  6. Love it Bojan!
    I used to drive a truck and would listen to motivational and educational messages.
    I would also bring a small tape recorder and tape thoughts to be written later.
    My blog was born in this way.
    We definitely need to make the most out of our time.
    Live it LOUD!

    1. Hey Rob, thanks for reminding me how important is to create content, while on the “go”. I used to do it in the past, but it slips from me getting that habit… Will certainly look more into it.

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