Announcing the Alpha Efficiency Podcast with Jacob Broido

Hello fellow Alpha Efficiency readers, I am proud to announce that we’re publishing out the first podcast session recorded on our blog. It’s an interview with the creator of popular Pakoomba application: Jacob Broido.

Podcast Sessions Alpha Efficiency

This is our very first podcast, so your feedback is very appreciated! Some of the things we’ve covered in this podcast apart from the Pakoomba app, are many other software applications throughout all the platforms with a focus on multiplatform applications, such as LastPass, Xmarks, Evernote and other related software.

Alpha Efficiency Session 001

I appreciate your time invested in listening to this show and I am thankful for your feedback.


  1. says

    Great to see that you too have entered the podcasting space 🙂

    I’m not familiar with Pakoomba, nor do I own a Android phone. However, great tips here and I’ll look forward to check out these, when I upgrade my phone 🙂


    • says

      Hey Timo, great to have you here! Would be awesome to do a show with you these days!  I was so lucky to have @Jacob:twitter featured on the website, he’s such an awesome programmer!

      • Jacob Broido says

        Cheers @011Bojan:disqus , its been great doing the interview with you and overall I really like your blog! Timo, upgrade your phone… every time someone gets a smartphone a fairy gets a wing somewhere, true story! 


  2. says

    Bojan. I think this could help. If you could somehow create a flash field so the podcast can automatically play when I click a button on your post. It’ll make things easier! But, I’m so happy you have a podcast. It’s time to put more up! 

    • says

      Thanks for the support! I definitively enjoyed the podcast, today I will be putting out some videos as well on youtube.

      Never saw you before, I am going to stumble on your blog…