Anatomy of Gratitude

Most people talk about gratitude, but seldom do something to feel it. Feeling it is more important than expressing it, and allow me to get in the details about the difference.

Emotions are powerful, and gratitude is one of the most positive emotions. I don’t think I have been grateful for large parts of my life, and I didn’t understand what it truly meant. Exception to this is when I was truly grateful for something in the moment to someone, help in a hardship.

But are you being grateful “full time” for things that are a given, expected? I didn’t understand why should I be grateful, when it’s “normal”. But what we count as normal these days is radically shifting, and since I’ve started learning that my normal is not normal for the most, I’ve started feeling immense sense of gratitude.

Feeling positive emotions is a cure, because it is the most affordable way to feel good. Gratitude is probably the cheapest form of medication, costs you virtually nothing, yet gives a radical improvement to depression, and the way you look at things.

Internalizing gratitude is going to put you on a path of good, and will help you empathize more with others. Never stop being grateful, because it’s a cure to a poison of keeping up with the Joneses, or feeling like you’re falling behind your Instagram friends.

Why Gratitude Is A Big Component of Success

When you focus on what you do have, you are shifting your energy from “not having this” to “look what I’ve got”. This small angle shift is moving your world view from negative to positive. You can never remain positive if you keep thinking about the things you don’t have.

If your actions are formulated based on these thoughts, your newfound feeling will help you outpace your past performance. Showing gratitude is becoming popular because people appreciate to see it in a quality with others. It is critical with employees, improves loyalty and enhances their well being as well.

Gratitude is felt by people, and everyone will be able to sense your internal frequency being on a higher level. People are formed of energy, and they easily pick up on the good vibrations. Good vibrations make the difference, because they will help you resonate with the people of the higher frequency.

People that dwell on the negative, tend to circle around the same negative people. Internalizing gratitude helps you avoid people that could bring you down.

Beyond the Gratitude Journal

I’ve noticed an emerging trend of people trying to institutionalize the gratitude by forming a habit of keeping a gratitude journal. This is defeating the purpose of expressing this emotion, as gratitude is not something you feel while you are journaling, it is something you feel throughout the day. Being mindful of your thoughts can help you internalize gratitude throughout the entire day, and not keeping it as a short term fix, during your fabricated morning routine.

Sense of gratitude needs to stretch at all times, and it is based on starting your day right, but I find that morning routine cosisting of workouts has more benefits than you sitting the first thing and getting in front of your computer, you will get there anyway at some point of the day, so you may just focus on doing things that matter for your body before anything else.

Nurturing the Emotion of Happiness

As you’re grateful, your appreciation levels of the existing is creating a positive loop, that correlates into increased motivation, as well as action. For quite a while during my younger days, I’ve been taking things for granted, and setting high expectations was setting me in motion, but also preventing me from enjoying the fruits of my labor. My feeling of self worth was only derived from the fact that I was achieving success. Now when I attained some level of success, I am still caught up in this loop of “I have to”, which is a negative emotion, reducing my frequency.

A lot of ambitious and driven people are harming their own energetic frequency through negative emotions that they don’t even try to control. This is pushing them to work harder, but this work doesn’t correlate necessarily to the most productive and quality work that they could do. This chase is depriving them from enjoying life, and also makes them miss great and obvious chances that come out of the moment. When you are thinking about where you need to get, you forget where you are. And where you are is probably the best place to be in the present moment.

The Convergence of Gratitude and Mindfulness

Mindfulness as a concept has also been in the focus, as people are sharing their increase in happiness from paying more attention to what is happening around them. But the reason to this increased happiness through mindfulness is due to removing themselves from their negative thoughts that they experience when they are not being mindful, more so than it is from cultivating their gratitude.

Gratitude is easier to execute than mindfulness, but the first does require some form of the latter in order for the most optimal performance. You need to be mindful enough to recognize that you aren’t grateful. Your energy determines the outcomes of your life, and you don’t need 100% mindfulness, as it is practically impossible with the amount of distractions and technology that is in front of us, but you need it just enough to remind yourself to Feel Grateful.

Practical Way To Make Yourself Feel Grateful

But how do I start feeling grateful ? It’s simple, you focus on one thing that is in front of you that will make your life better, and develop your thoughts about the future positive outcomes that stem out of creating value from this activity, and how this value is going to make a lasting impact in your life. Put a lot of fantasy into what will happen when you accomplish your hardest task. And remember to be grateful for this chance, instead of dreading it.