An Apology to My Readers, Regarding iPad 3

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In the previous iPad article Where I reviewed iPad prior to seeing it, I praised it as a go-to tablet. Even in the case of you owning iPad 2, I recommended an upgrade.

Well, now that I saw it, I take my word back. If you do own iPad2, getting the new iPad is a completely redundant investment. Now, I will be getting the new one, because my family is in a need one of another tablet in the household. I still believe it’s the best tablet around, it just kinda disappointed me on the screen quality. They oversold it 🙂

The problem is the fact that I expected iPhone quality retina, but that is not the same retina that we have on the new iPad.

So my I will correct myself, get the iPad 3, in case you want a new tablet and don’t have any of the previous ones. If you already have an iPad 2, wait for iPad 4. Simple.


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