Alpha Efficient Monthly Coming To iPad Newsstand near you

Being Alpha Efficient, means being ready to change and adapt. Accept new opportunities, learning new things, consuming the right information in the right time. In order to make user experience superb, we are aiming to push out the first iPad magazine. This way, you will get the most relevant information from the web, neatly organized and carefully curated, in order for you to save time.

We are putting a bet on this new medium and if you are a lucky owner of iPad, especially the new iPad, you are in for the treat! We’re moving forward, with the fresh new content and numerous contributors. This blog is going to get a new, more personal form. It’s inspired by @MacSparky. There is going to be a lot of short form thoughts and inspirations.

I am also going to blog way more often from my mobile device. The content that I used to share in the thorough form will be found in the Newsstand. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.