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Alpha Efficiency went Apple

Yesterday I am got the last part of my own productivity puzzle. It’s an iPhone. This means that I won’t be writing anymore articles on Android, but iPhone users rejoice. After testing out the Apple environment on my laptop and iPad, I came to conclusion that Apple suite (and cloud) is providing better user experience overall, along with the higher productivity, what this blog is all about.

Alpha Efficiency Going Apple

I bought used iPhone, because new ones are way overpriced in my country. If you live in USA and think that iPhones are expensive, try paying 1000$ up front to get the newest model, without an option to get it via contract. Be thankful 🙂 So how did procedure go? I met up with a guy who is selling his phone (in order to get 4s). I brought my laptop, we sat for a coffe and I simply plugged my phone in. Within 15 minutes my phone was completely full of my data, that was synced from iPad, with all apps, contacts, calendar entries. I didn’t even had to log in into apps, it was already done.

I loved my Android, there were all sorts of things that I could do with it, but it didn’t fall in “It just works” category, which is imperative for someone who works with the electronic devices on frequent basis. In battle between Apple and Google to provide better user experience, Apple is current winner. Also I saw the specs of the newest Nexus Android, and I am not impressed, especially not with the camera, not even Google himself made something interesting to keep me in their “tribe”.

For all of you who don’t have technical capabilites of running Apple environemnt, don’t worry, I will cover entire Google suite once more and arm you with all the necessery tweaks and tips to get you going. This also means that I will dish out lower number of articles related to technology and take a different turn with approach to productivity, but I promise I will keep you hungry for fresh information.

iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro

Technology is just a tool, and really any device out there can help you achieve more. Getting iPhone certainly wasn’t necessery purchuse for me, but I want to be more mobile and it’s definite. I will still preach platform agnosticism at least in terms of your workflow system. Anyway if you were wondering what’s happening with my android phone, well mom needs a better cell phone, so that’s where my Android will go. I bet it will provide way more positive emotions to her, than it did to me. She will be far more less demanding user than I was. I bet even the phone will be happy 🙂

I guess this will narrow down my target audience, but it’s completely okay, because this blog evolves as I evolve as a person, and as long as you drive value from my writing, it’s going to stay alive. If you miss articles regarding Google Lifestyle, I will always be on the lookout for good articles and tweet them out, but it’s totally cool that if you have some great Google / Android tips, you can send them to me and I will be happy to publish them (and give appropriate credit)!

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