Is Alpha Efficiency Going #iPadOnly?

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November 2019 Update:

Our previous attempts to follow MacStories and move to #iPadOnly have been futile. While personally, I can spend a lot of time on the iPad, we as a team really rely on the computers for design, coding and more heavy load work. Being #iPadOnly is quite a challenge. I encourage you to hop by to the old article, and see how mindsets shift and change over time.


While I am writing this, Darren is sleeping, and I didn’t have an opportunity to catch up with him on this regard, but at least for me, and I can safely assume for him as well, we’re firmly going ahead with our iPads.

What helped me do it?

I believe that this advent is coming from two directions, first one being #iPadOnly iBook by Augusto Pinuad and Sliwinski, and the other one also an iBook from Viticci about Text Automation with Editorial.

These two books are making it way easier for me to move forward with making the iPad my main blogging device. I’ve been trying countless times to get on board with iPad workflows, and never did I have an opportunity to get it right. I always thought that iPad blogging was dead. And than I went through the process of learning Markdown that actually enabled this whole mobile movement and shift to the freedoms that come with it.

Impact on productivity

Being thrilled is the mild word, but let’s stick with that word for now. Once you go through the basics of Markdown, and the tools that support it like Byword and various other specialized text apps, you won’t give up on the idea of dumping iPad as a creation device. This article is completely written and published on iPad, without any help of the computerm what so ever.

Challenge for you, the reader

If you have an iPad, I want you to take a next step with it, and explore it. Give it a chance as a creation and work device, and not only a gadget that is cool to have. Try to breach that computer zone that you might have been in for a long time. The fact that it is different, doesn’t mean it’s not good and that it can’t get work done. Let this be a legacy to what is possible with it…


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