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Alpha Efficiency Anual Productivity Report 2011

Hey dear readers, I haven’t written a productivity report for quite a while and I feel the need to write one for the last year. As the new year approaches, so does the first birthday of Alpha Efficiency. In a year I managed to push out 100 articles. Which makes it two articles a week. My initial goal was to push three articles a week, so it’s a goal that wasn’t achieved yet, but never the less I am proud of progress of this blog.

I have set myself monthly goals to acquire new habits and for the first six months everything went as planned. But I had an accident that prevented me from focusing on the task at hand, and from further planning, for those who remember the last productivity report, where I mentioned that my building was caught on fire, and my flat got flooded.

But never the less my productivity skyrocketed this year. I started 2011 as a productivity enthusiast coming from angle of technology, where I hoped that technology could lead me to a better productivity, and where I treated it as a magic pill to solve problems instead of me. Only a year later to have the courage to consider myself a productivity expert.

Even though I stayed a large fan of technology I learned a valuable lesson that productivity comes from within you. That the tools we use aren’t the beginning and ending of our work, they are simply the tools that help us get from point A to a point B. I discovered dozens of productivity techniques, if not hundreds. Tried a lot of them. Figured out that productivity is not the same for everybody and gathered tremendous resource on it in a book that I am writing, since the day this blog started.

I learned that it’s not that easy to write your first book. Writing part became easy. Long research and testing and tweaking your results is what made it hard! Being committed to the same topic for so long and maintaing a passion was rewarding experience. One that made me reinvent myself in ways that never before I thought was possible. Biggest thing I came up with was making a system. A system that works, and makes you a more effective, and efficient person.

A lot of people influenced me on this path of becoming my better self, so here is the list of people who motivated me and inspired, as well as influenced my work:

Smart Passive Income – As great motivator in what can be achieved in online world and how to fight day to day distractions.

Timo Kiander – In consistency

Asian Efficiency – with OmniFocus my favorite task manger and inspiring me to completely move to Apple ecosystem.

Timothy Ferris – for selling me the impossible dream of 4 hour workweek (I will admit it, it’s fluff, but one that inspires you)

David Allen – With his geeky Getting Things Done, there needs to be system in place.

Brian Tracy – for making it easy to “Eat that Frog”

But apart from all these big names that inspired my work, there is one most awesome group of people that kept me going and that I need to thank the most. It’s you, my readers!

You have been my motivation throughout even the hardest times, when I was contemplating on quitting this blog. If it wasn’t for you, your generous support, and belief in my words and suggestions, I wouldn’t make it. I wouldn’t be able to make it through the first birthday of Alpha Efficiency. Only together we can make 2012 more productive and more efficient year. Your success is my success, so let’s make the new year, the best one yet, one day at a time.

Wishing you productive 2012 and lots of achievements to you and your family!

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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