Alpha Efficiency: The Place Where Technology and Brain Power Collide

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Alpha Efficiency started as a technology & productivity tips and tricks blog, but it turned into so much more. During the evolution of Alpha Efficiency the trans-Atlantic duo delved deep into the philosophy of productivity and defined the key components necessary to achieve personal productivity evolution, guiding their readership to faster self-improvement.

When we talk about Alpha Efficiency, we talk about the values that are guiding us towards our goals:

  1. Collaboration – as we understand that biggest life accomplishments are achieved in teams
  2. Exploring and experimenting – as we know that path to our success comes from trying out new things
  3. Adaptability– as we aren’t afraid of change, exceeding the environment
  4. Individuality – we recognize that “success” feels different for everyone
  5. Fearlessness – or rather, facing and overcoming our fears because succumbing to them clouds our goal-related clarity

These values created guiding principles as well as the technologies that support them. The principles are the cornerstone of an Alpha Philosophy and mindset.

Alpha Efficiency is a journey to personal transformation that will enable your goals and dreams, transmuting them into reality. We developed Alpha Efficiency as a platform for those who are brave enough to follow their heart and connect with fellow like-minded people who are embarking on a similar journey of realizing their wildest dreams.

About Bojan

Goal Accelerator


Bojan Dordevic is the co-editor of Alpha Efficiency and a digital marketing professional by day, eccentric writer in the early morning, and even more eccentric writer in the late evening. He is in his late twenties, conquering all the challenges that life throws at him whilst being “compltely lost” on a different part of the globe. His iPhone and GPS help him navigate around.

With a proven track record of goal-setting and achievement, he feels confident teaching productivity and the philosophy behind completing goals. His trans-continental move from Europe to USA and passion for travel offer him the unique perspective into working habits across cultures and the ways they enable people achieve their dreams.

About Darren

Master Collaborator

Darren Tong

Darren Tong is the co-editor of Alpha Efficiency and lives in the UK with his wife and two children. When he’s not writing he works full-time for a large financial organisation delivering change projects, and uses his experiences to experiment with productivity techniques, occasionally succeeding.

Darren is the driving force behind the collaboration method that brought this magazine into existence. His exceptional time management skills allow him to juggle family life, work and personal projects. He is insanely successful at using time pockets to his advantage in ways you haven’t thought possible.