8 Apps and Tips to Skyrocket Your Android Productivity

Brian Djordjevic
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Brian Dordevic

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Get most out of your Android with these free, but POWERFUL applications. Learn huge benefits that you will get with these apps and tricks.

After being Android user for half a year I stumbled through a lot of applications. My main focus was on the applications that will increase your productivtiy and overall work performance. After testing dozens of app’s I found these to work for me. Being able to do small chunks of work, when it’s really important. Smart phones allow you this movability and comfort of remote work.

8. Dropbox – Not only it’s your folder online, it’s also a hub for many other useful applications that you might stumble upon. It’s collabortive tool, where you can also share folders with your coworkers and friends. Ease of access on all of your devices. It’s a must for all your devices.

7. Dolphin Browser HD – It might be slower than your original browser, but numerous extension and plugins (like for Chrome and Firefox) make it worthwhile browser.

6. Xmarks for Dolphin – You know I am huge fan of xmarks. This is paid app, but it’s well worth it. All of your computer bookmarks are there available on all of your mobile devices. Sync is huge factor for me and this one is one immense advantage for anyone who needs his bookmarks readily and easily available everywhere I am. There is also separate application for those who don’t use Dolphin.

5. LastPass for Dolphin – Another paid app, by the same company (Last Pass bought Xmarks couple of months ago). It’s also sync, but this time it’s for your passwords. I am having immense number of accounts that I am controlling, being able to easily access all of them saves me a lot of time and energy. Price for LastPass yearly service is 12$. If you buy Xmarks and LastPass in bundle, it’s 20$ (10$ each). For those who don’t use Dolphin, there is also a separate application. But it’s not that useful as Dolphin plugin.

4. Evernote – You saw me mention this one, over and over again. I am quite an Evernote fan. Unlike PC/Mac app, you can use your phone to capture audio notes for later. You can also add Evernote extension, which will transcribe your voice notes to text. If you don’t know what Evernote is, make sure to check it out. Also the biggest strenght of Evernote is image recognition of the snapshots you take with your camera.

3. Parking Managment Applications – I am using local version that regulates SMS payments for public parking. This one saved me quite a lot of times and nerves. Instead of typing sms codes, this app handles all for you on simple clicks. Paying my parking was never easier. One setup and saves you quite a lot of minutes. Over the time, those minutes add up…

2. TeamViewer – I will mention this one over and over again, until people start to realize advantages of this service. I access my PC straight from my cell phone. I don’t believe that I need to explain further the importance of this app. But if you are still curious, why it’s that good, check out this article.

1. Gtasks – I rely on this application as my reminder. It’s simple app for getting things done. It’s your list, wherever you go. Plus it resides inside your gmail.

Now that you have all your devices “in sync”, let’s focus on important things to do on your phone. First of all, shut down all of your distractions, and than focus on having clear home screen, with as little screens as possible. I am minimizing and utilizing most out of my screen. I am recommending next widgets, that are a must for me: Power Control, Clock Calendar Widget, Evernote Widget and Google tasks.

Idea behind managing your home screen is to have everythign available at your finger tips without giving it too much thought. You can have as little as one home screen and as much as 7. If you are going to tweak it, you might even extend it. Odd number of screen is good, because you can easily navigate through the middle screen.

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