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4 great tips for Mobile Ninjas – How to work remotely

Ever dreamed of working remotely? Enjoying on the beach under the sun, with your laptop by your side and still remaining productive. Maybe you are traveling, and want to squeeze out that wasted minute. In order to get more things done “on the go” you should follow some guidelines.

Tip #1 – Your laptop needs to be equipped with premium battery life, reliability, and mobility.

While my friend was waiting for me, and on coffee, he logged on local wifi from a coffee shop and started his coding, right in the middle of the cafe. We both have Mac’s and we were sitting there for hours. Writing… We weren’t distracted by people outside, It was a Zen like atmosphere, with background noise that stimulates you to achieve more. For me, it’s quite inspiring to hear voices and noise in the background in order to get inspiration.

He’s a coder, he didn’t need any special preparation. He just needed his tools of the trade and working space. He found a great one and it’s featured in the picture. Having an active task list of things that can be done on the go is really handy.

I highly recommend Apple laptops for their stability and battery longevity. Recently I got my first Mac machine and wrote few great tips on how to get most out of it.

Tip #2 – Get a smartphone

How I managed to use smartphone to increase my productivity? In order to achieve this, I’m using Google tasks, embedded on my Android, through gTasks widget. That way all of my tasks are always shared on the home screen of the cell phone. Smartphones can be a life saver when your laptop is not covered with WiFi. You can tether your internet connection from your phone to your laptop, so you can “be connected” even in harshest of environments as long as I am 3g covered.

For mobile users, a great productivity trick is to turn off all of your notifications. Don’t be on instant messaging accounts available whole the time and also turn of your SMS notifications. You have no idea how good it feels when people who are distracting you from your work, have to silently wait. During certain times of the day, I recommend going fully silent. I don’t want a single phone call to break my work flow. I actively practice this habit. It increased my productivity levels by at least by 70%. I had a lot of people whining when I didn’t answer right away, but I did something really good during that time, so it pays off.

A really useful thing about remote work is having your own 3g internet connection. This can prevent you from being hacked (which is really easy these days, easier than you think) plus you are WiFi independent. You can virtually work from anywhere there’s a 3g signal. Starting your work has never been more simple. You just open your laptop and that’s it. Stay tuned for the free chapter of my upcoming book: “7 simple steps to triple your productivity”, available for subscribers of IWP mailing list. If you don’t have 3g available, consider Google Mapping hot spot wifi areas that you visit frequently.

Ever since I got my android, I knew I will never get back to regular cell phone. Though prior to that I had Nokia Symbian platform, which worked wonders also. I am looking into tablets, mainly in order to see if it’s possible somehow to avoid laptop. iPhone is also a great choice!

Tip #3 – Make smart use of Team Viewer

My friend and I entered a debate about laptops and desktops, and he’s completely against desktops. He just doesn’t see the point of desktops anymore. There are two solutions to this. One of them is to rent a private, dedicated machine, which will be online for you, with access from anywhere. This way you can ensure anonymity of your browsing and a have secure location for all your data online (like your personal cloud). This is for advanced users. I might consider his advice, but it’s costly. Monthly, it can cost you around 30$. But then you don’t have the cost of a desktop.

Another way around this is to have a personal desktop. It’s my centralized communication hub, powered by Digsby. From there I see all my instant messaging (when I want to) not other way around. I avoid syndicating all my instant messaging clients in my laptop, thereby avoiding distractions But, for all I appear like I am online all the time. Secondary use of desktop is centralized hub for home entertainment. It can support video games, movies, music, you name it. But smart configuration of it, is something that you need to take care of. It’s way better than buying a TV. Get some high quality large monitor, and and it can do the same job. So I access my desktop through teamvier, which is also supported on my mobile device.

Tip #4 – Jump into work everywhere

I know that this “jump into work” mode can be quite strange to many, because we are so used to our workflow, or a certain environment. Benefits gained from creating this kind of habit are immense. In order to get most out of mobile work, you need to have reliable equipment. I am not into pursuing the next best machine out there, but some high quality mobile device, such as smart phone and/or tablet, can make a huge difference.

The ability to not detrimentally rely on environment, and ignoring distractions at will is not an easy task, but it comes with practice. I was forcing myself to write in the weirdest places at weirdest times. Working while in a moving car, while my friend drove through the rush hour of Athens was surely an amazing experience. I had to get something done, and not even the noise of the surrounding cars could prevent me from achieving what I intended to do.


Achieving while mobile is something that takes practice and investment of time on your part. It’s not as easy as it may seem. And further, it’s not that enjoyable. In order to gain the most from this system, you need to carefully plan your time, and change your mindset accordingly. Make most use out of those small chunks of time while you are waiting in the line at the bank, or while you’re waiting for a friend that’s late. Make every minute count.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

3 responses to “4 great tips for Mobile Ninjas – How to work remotely

  1. All these tips are great. One thing people should look more into is a tablet device. I’m also using my iPad to work remotely. It works wayyyy better than my iPhone.

    1. Glad to see your comment. I still didn’t look into iPad, because I didn’t see the particular use of tablets over phones, at the moment I can only see higher viewing space, which is great, but didn’t see any additional functions and applications. I am certainly looking into this and will let you know when I get a tablet.

      I need to make a remark, all blog comments on this blog are supposed to go under real name or pseudonim. I am not fond of people using their keywords as their screen name.

      One of the reasons is because I feel like Google doesn’t look to kindly at such things and the other one is closer and more personal connection between my readers. So I would politely ask you to change in the future, if you intend to comment here.

      Best regards

  2. What do you think of all this tips now that youve got the ipad2 ready to get you more productive?

    Martinsays: Will love to hear!

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