2013 In Review And New Year Resolution For 2014

The 2013 was a year of transition to a new continent. I am satisfied with how I’ve achieved my goals, but I feel as if I got a little bit slow, in comparison with what I expect from myself. Perhaps I am being too harsh, but at the end of the day, I am having certain expectations on what I need to accomplish, and how I need to move things.

Don’t get me wrong, I probably moved way further than anybody else would in my place, humbly speaking. But on the other hand I am fully aware that I am nowhere near my full potential. Somehow I always expect more, and until I get there, I will always be hungry, and I will always be foolish.

2013 In Review

There is a list of accomplishments that transformed my life in this year:

  • Moved to USA
  • Settled in my first place
  • Got Drivers Licence in the new country
  • Landed a first job – in the field that I WANTED.
  • Became fully independent from my parents
  • Increased my income by approximately 500%

When I go through the list of accomplishments I realize that my streak is great, especially for someone who had everything taken care of in his home country. I was living in the position where I could happily be complacent till the rest of my life, but I choose to do something else. I chose to explore my fullest potential, and I was unapologetic about it.

Goals for 2014

Now that my bare necessities are taken care of, and the quality of my lifestyle has achieved the level similar to the one that I had back in Serbia, next steps are:

  • Finding a good social environment that will blend with my professional and personal goals
  • Making a name for AlphaEfficiency Magazine.
  • Getting my and Darren’s business to a level where we could easily maintain our lifestyles.
  • Attending various blogging and networking conferences across the USA.
  • Getting Our Subscribers Base to 2000 people.
  • Finding sponsorship for every edition of the magazine.
  • Getting my body to a next level, and move from defense into offense. (after the offset of moving to USA)
  • Figure out how to eat much healthier and save money while doing it.

As you can see there is a lot of space for improvement, but the main goal, and something I was thinking about for a very long time, is…

New Year Resolution: Self-quantification

I want to turn 2014 into numbers and finally start running my life like a business; being able to take concrete, rational and value-based decisions that will bring my life to a whole new level.

This is something I’ve been contemplating since high school, and I believe that I will be struggling a lot, but at the end of the day this is the most empowering thing I can do about my life.

One of the things that needs to become a part of my daily schedule is leisure time, where I will actively disconnect from work and devote some time to play. This time will be measured, as with everything else.

I will be following the advice of Jaime Todd Rubin, and the ways he is self-quantifying his time. Evernote will be my ally in collecting data, as I’ve already formed the notebook that is accidentally called: “Self-Quantification”.

Now, this might look like a lot to someone who would start from scratch, but I am actually not starting from scratch, I’ve already been doing some of these things in 2013:

  • monitoring my expenses
  • monitoring my nutrition
  • monitoring my excersise activity

A big portion of monitoring will remain in Lift keeping tracks of habits.

The novelty that will come with 2014 will be FitBit, where I will save some time in tracking my sleep actually, and get some very good actionable data. In 2013, I’ve spent some time monitoring my sleep, and lately with very good sleeping cycles, I’ve started feeling very refreshed, very relaxed and started creating quite awesome goal oriented results.

Three words

Large number of bloggers started following the trend created by Chris Brogan on “three words”. Three is always an easy number, and we remember things in triplets, so I decided to go with my version of it as well. Here are my picks for 2014:


Harnessing insane amount of personal information in databases like Evernote and Numbers. By drilling marketing data for past months and taking an active role in understanding the human behavior, I’ve came to some amazing conclusions about myself. There is a lot of things we can completely predict about ourselves, and gathering data about ourselves can help us make great actions for our future self.


The less we have, the fewer things we have to worry about. Taking from life only what is sufficient, so I can focus on things that truly matter to me. As most Americans I have to admit that I am suffering from consumerism, but I aspire that all my material possessions serve a purpose.

I want to have fewer material goods, but those that I do have will be exclusively of superior quality, that delivers value to me.

My minimization also leans in the direction of maximally reducing consumption of social media, so I can deliberately spend more time living, purposefully reading and writing.


At the end of the day all this productivity is redundant if you don’t enjoy yourself. So I will pay attention to have reasonable time spent doing things that truly fulfill me. Things like traveling, meeting new people and having fun on the weekends.

All of things in life are for naught, if I don’t enjoy all the things that I do.

Outcome expectations

My outlook is very positive, and I can say that I am very happy to be where I am today. Perhaps so far I haven’t pulled the maximum value out of my life, but I am working very hard on becoming the person I believe I deserve to be.