Disappearing Act: Creating More Alone

Solitude is of out most important ingredient of productivity. I feel as if I produce the most once I create my working environment. It consists of laptop, music and room without other people. My desk doesn’t have anything on it. It’s minimalistic heaven. There is nothing redundant, nothing that can dismay me from my thoughts.

Alpha Jailbreak – Ultimate Resource For Your iOS device

Ever since I got iPad, I was eager to jailbreak it. Simple as that. My initial smartphone experience came from unlucky Galaxy S Android, and I got used to messing around with operating system of my phone. iPad and later iPhone weren’t exception to this rule. I am techie guy, I like messing around with my technology.

6 Ways To Become and Remain Synchronized For Good

Sync your data in the iCloud

Do you have multiple computers? Not to mention the gadgets like tablets and phones? With that many devices we never imagined that it’s possible to have same experience across every single device that we have. But from productivity stand point of view, that is the natural cause of affairs. We want as least friction as possible. I want to start a writing a report for project at my iPad, while on my way to work, and when I get there, I want everything synchronized by itself, without me lifting a finger. For that matter, we use synchronization!