Why you shouldn’t make a New Year Resolution in 2012

New Years resolutions have been unsuccessful for many people. I can safely assume that I accomplished my last year new year resolution to an extent. Primarily with this blog, it’s still alive and kicking. I am setting New Year Resolutions every year for more than 5 years. And I always was successful, but this time I feel as if I deserve a little break from resolutions. This Year I won’t have a new year resolution.

How to maintain a habit when life shifts your focus

I was already writing about this issue, but I have to revise the topic, because I believe it’s of the biggest importance in improving your life. Creating habit seems hard at first. We always see other people who are devoted to something in their lives and we admire them. I want you to become one of those people, that other people look at and be inspired by. I want you to grow to that degree that you become a legend in your near by environment. And I want to tell you a story how I became that legend.

How to remain productive, when your family tells you that you are crazy

Did you ever encounter that relative of yours who is putting you down, because of your creative ideas. Those ideas that should put you above your former self, improve your life. Or you want to start your own business, but everyone around you is against it? If that is the case, than this is the article for you.

Alpha Efficiency Anual Productivity Report 2011

Hey dear readers, I haven’t written a productivity report for quite a while and I feel the need to write one for the last year. As the new year approaches, so does the first birthday of Alpha Efficiency. In a year I managed to push out 100 articles. Which makes it two articles a week. My initial goal was to push three articles a week, so it’s a goal that wasn’t achieved yet, but never the less I am proud of progress of this blog.