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Let’s skip the obvious, and cut right to the chase. If somebody told you that you could start your own business for a measly 20$ would you believe him? If you want to know how to do it, read this article.

Hosting Solution You Won’t Regret

Having a good hosting company is one of the toughest choices we can make when starting an online business. I’ve run through dozens of  companies: HostGator, BlueHost, AltusHost, DreamHost… None of them satisfied the need for reliability as SiteGround did. It’s simple, it’s efficient, it just works.

Efficiency while communicating with tech support is one of the things that will make or break my relationship with the company. And SiteGround excels in that. It’s been a long year with them, and an absolutely pleasant one.

The deal

SiteGround has a promotion for my friends and I I have to share it, because I think it’s absolutely amazing. If you sign up through this link, you are going to get a full year of hosting for $50.

I guarantee that you will be stoked with the results, and your risk is zero, because they offer full money back guarantee for 30 days. Furthermore you will help me ease the hosting costs of Alpha Efficiency, because if you sign up, I will get one free month of hosting. You will get this deal too, so if you share it with YOUR friends, you will be getting the same cool benefit.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to start your own business for 20$, this opportunity is something that you shouldn’t miss. It’s absolutely the cheapest deal I’ve seen on the web, and if you help them build their business, they will help your business, by making your hosting absolutely free.

I’ve waited for a whole year before recommending them. I wanted to make absolutely sure that they are the right hosting provider for my potential readers. And they are, that’s why I’m hosting Alpha Efficiency with SiteGround.

10$ for the first year of hosting and 10$ for domain name. That is how your business can start succesfully and on the cheap, but with the hosting that works just as any other.

Features of SiteGround Hosting worth mentioning:

  1. Reliable uptime – I haven’t seen downtime on my ping checker, ever. If you want a hosting that is really 99.9% up, this is the deal.
  2. Polite Technical Support – Rarely did I have issues, but those rare issues were always resolved in timely manner. You can do email, live chat or phone call, whatever you prefer. They are there, and on time.
  3. WordPress ready – SiteGround hosting is specifically designed for WordPress websites. It works with other CMS-es as well.
  4. CPanel – This is a no brainer, but I know that there are still lazy, hosting companies out there who don’t have it.
  5. “Unlimited storage and bandwith” – For someone who is just starting out, this is true. You won’t have to think how much stuff you’ve uploaded, and how much bandwith you spent. I am not sure of the limits, but I will update when I check with customer support. I still don’t believe it’s “unlimited”, but it’s covering all my needs so far, and they are pretty big.

On Alpha Efficiency I only recommend the products that I’ve been using myself, and that are proven to be of superb quality. SiteGround hosting certainly is one of those products.

Some additional tips when buying

There are numerous additional services out there, that cost extra. Check them out, but buy only what  you absolutely need, otherwise this deal won’t be that cheap. SiteGround does try to upsell you some great things, but they are transparent about the price, and don’t add any “hidden costs”.

If you are holding on to your fear, now is the time to let go of it, and focus on the dream that  you want to pursue. Startup costs of your business are minimal in terms of business in this day and age, so start your own empire. Please, let me know if you followed through, and leave your website link in the comments.


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