When Slowing Down Means Speeding Up

Lately I’ve been overworking myself. As some of you already know, that got me sick actually. All that overburn and all the time away from the home made me truly exhausted. While it might have been productive, it actually pushed me away from my true self. Even this blog suffered in a way because of my extra curricular activities. The urge of my body sent me in a right direction of teaching me what is important and what isn’t. Instead of ignoring the fact that I am over tiring myself, I acknowledged the fact that my body can’t keep up.

Now instead of jam packing my day with activities furthermore, I took a firm decision to take away. And take things step by step. Now instead of endless activities all day long, I am only doing what feels good. Order of things in life completely messed up, and I don’t have time to reflect on the life as I used to have. Everything is hyperpacked with activities. So I decided to make a change. First of all, my day job is the biggest source of frustration. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I couldn’t be happier with it, but the time expense it puts on me is taking it’s toll.

On some days you have to wake up and realize whether your time is worth what you invested or not. So instead of being a jackass and purely quitting it, I will give my boss an offer. If he refuses it, it’s his choice in the end. My life, my terms. And my terms aren’t that complicated. All I want to is to be able to work from home. I have neatly made home office, that costed more than 400 euros to be assembled, along with everything in it. It’s the best possible working environment for me. Here I am fighting the distractions and I am wasting a lot of energy on the fact that I need to focus my efforts.

It would be a pure waste not to put that home office to work, in a more relaxed environment where I can preserve my energy better. On the other hand, something interesting is happening with my job. I grew fond of what I do. Finally when some slow achievements were made, we came to the point where we are actually doing something that I really like and enjoy: Google AdWords! So this is keeping me engaged, because I am really passionate about it. You are fighting the competition, making creative ads… It’s dynamic environment. No matter that you are

I am living rather busy life! And now all the time management techniques are actually giving me back the value that I invested in them. All those task managers are so worthy, when beside your day job, you are handling a lot of clients, and run your own successful blog. On top all of that I am hitting the gym regularly and I got involved in network marketing, which is actually making my life pretty intense. Now funny thing happened. As I am pushing it this hard and this neatly organized, I felt that the need for OmniFocus is going down, while my need for the Calendar is going up!

When you have meetings and strict schedules, calendars have their own purpose. The only way to really grow is to explore your boundaries and have knowledge of how your energy can be properly utilized. Now I know that I can’t maintain this tempo and I am willing to take away and focus only on those things that are truly important to me!

Do you actually know what is important to you?

But there are areas of my life that suffered. The things that suffered the most are my routines. My morning and evening routines started falling apart. They still had some form, but since I am constantly under slept, right before I go to sleep, and at the very moment that I am waking up, I am really low on energy. If this is valid point during the most important moments of my day, I can only imagine how much energy I waste in other sectors.

Pushing your limits has it’s benefits, but knowing when to stop it, is a true form of art. Don’t respect the status quo. If your body tells you it’s wrong. Don’t do it. Don’t let the fear govern your life. You don’t have to complete every single task during the day. If you look in the long term, you will be more productive if you are regularly balancing your energy.


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    Absolutely. For me, it’s not the amount of time I spend in front of an uneasy workspace trying to concentrate on my work. Rather, it’s the amount of work I end up doing at my comfort-zone.

    I loved working from my home. But since I am away for my academic needs, I only get to do some serious piece of work only during my vacation.