Text formatting frustrations and how will I deal with them

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As I was writing 7 Steps to Alpha Efficiency I created a lot of problems. I never before fidgeted with text so much, so I have a big thing to overcome before  I get to actual work. All the 20k words I wrote so far, are soooo discombobulated and I can’t make sense out of them.

I don’t mind improper formatting and inconsistent one, but this is actually creating reading problems, and as  I go through text, it feels as Frankenstein. I gotta figure out a way how to get all of this together in one proper way.

I am amazed that everything is still where it is. Because it all started as Evernote notes, than it was scraped into single Word Document. Than I gave Pages a go. And from Pages it finally landed into Scrivener where it will reside until it’s ready to get to the Pages back.

And now bakc to tedious work of reformatting, and making it pure .txt portable.