Meet Top 10 Tools That Define Bojan’s Writing Workflow In 2015

Writing Workflow

Before I jump to the tools that define my writing workflow, I would like to tell you a story of how these tools got together, and how they create great digital publishing environment. This workflow will amaze you and make you more productive, whether you want to publish a book, write a blog post, or create… [Read More]

The Word Factory – How these articles come to life

There was this 1000 words article that I previously wrote on my older workflow, and I have to admit, except a couple of slight changes everything else remained the same. It was written with excitement, but lacked clarity, and I am pretty certain that I wasn’t able to provide a clear image on how that… [Read More]

Power Users Guide to Article Research – Starting Point

For a long time Alpha Efficiency content was created with no formal prior research on the topic. All of the information I’ve used to deliver have been my scattered ideas compiled in one place, based on what I was previously reading or writing, or my personal epiphanies. In my mission to deliver only the premium… [Read More]

Power Users Guide To Launch Center Pro Workflows

Swipe Status Bar

<Geek Alert> This article is for those who use Launch Center Pro workflows, Omnifocus and have jailbroken device. I don’t have detailed explanations and I assume that you know what I am talking about. In depth explantaions can be found in the included links. My previous Android experience left me craving a decent launcher on… [Read More]

Screencast: Workflow in OS X Lion with Short App reviews

In this screen cast I’ve explained how I am setting up workflow on my Mac. For the purpose of this tutorial you will need any Mac powered computer. All of the inputs made in this video were made with my logitech mouse and it’s additional buttons. But it’s not necessary. Any mouse will do, along with… [Read More]