3 Mobile Innovations That Have Changed Professional Life


Now that on-the-go Internet service is the norm, the ability to be productive isn’t as restrictive as it once was. Indeed, you can get more done in more places with mobile Internet. And how you manage your time is more flexible because you can spend time at the coffee shop handling emails, or look up […]

Alpha Efficiency Podcast Session #3 – On Evernote With Daniel Gold

Daniel Gold

In the third episode of Alpha Efficiency podcast I am proud to present our guest Daniel Gold. He is a lawyer with a passion for productivity, and recently he published a book called Evernote Unofficial Guide. Full name of the book is: “Evernote®: The unofficial eBook to capturing everything and getting things done!” It’s very good book with lots of value adding content.

Ask the readers: What are your favorite applications?

Favorite Apps

You may have noticed that I have been mentioning a lot of applications for Android, Windows and Mac. But those apps are suited for my personal use as a blogger. On the other hand I haven’t touched much apps for other areas of expertise.

That’s where you hop in, sharing your apps that make you more productive.

A couple of dirty Smartphone tricks to make you more efficient


Cell phones and smartphones are a hugeee time sink. Managing them is becoming ever difficult, because not only you are constantly with your phone, it’s also your place where you can check all that email that keeps poping out. It gets though, there is at least 5 distractions that can turn your phone into distraction nightmare. Once you go through this article and follow through with the actions you will be able to regain your peace once again and use your phone efficiently.

10 Reasons why I converted from Android to iPhone

Photo on 10-28-11 at 7.06 PM #2

As you may have already in my previous article, that Alpha Efficiency went Apple. I’ve ditched my Android phone and moved on to more suitable platform for me. After a week of playing around, I can safely say, that I have found my productivity heaven. If you are thinking of migrating to Apple, here are […]

How to organize your passwords efficiently? LastPass

Last pass you will have to remember

Yesterday I was talking about Xmarks, so I couldn’t help but to write about LastPass. I bet that many of you are security aware, but you are just lazy with passwords. Yea I know, I am guilty of it, in a sense also. Let me tell you how I was managing passwords before I had LastPass, and how I am managing them today.

Setting up workflow on your android device: Swipepad

Swipepad on Samsung Galaxy S

I can’t believe I haven’t wrote about this great application sooner. It’s one of those applications which make me happy that I don’t have iPhone (yet). It’s low memory consumption and seamless integration at the very core of the Android system is what makes it so beautiful. Now there are some sever benefits of having […]

War of Android browsers – paralel comparison


Quite a while ago I started searching for a replacment for Dolphin HD, android mobile browser.  I had issues with it, because of it’s high battery consumption, so I went on the browser shopping spree. I looked for something slick, fast and reliable on my Samsung Galaxy S, but with the added touch of functionality, […]

How to wage a war against 15 common distractions


Distractions are bane of efficiency and that’s why I am bane of distractions. They have a mean habit of sneaking up behind your back when you least expect them! They will try to remain unnoticed, until you figure out that you have 2-3 more hours till you finish that report, or preparation for that exam. […]

Announcing the Alpha Efficiency Podcast with Jacob Broido

Podcast Sessions Alpha Efficiency

Hello fellow Alpha Efficiency readers, I am proud to announce that we’re publishing out the first podcast session recorded on our blog. It’s an interview with the creator of popular Pakoomba application: Jacob Broido. This is our very first podcast, so your feedback is very appreciated! Some of the things we’ve covered in this podcast […]