Instapaper vs Pocket

I am twaeking my social media setup for past couple of days and can't seem to rest upon it. I am going on between Hootsuite, native Twitter client and Tapbot. The main reason why I… [Read More]

Why people love Evernote? And what you are missing out

Evernote - Remember anything

Since all of my work is tied to my computer, I really want to use most out of it. I believe I wasted a lot of time on these kinds of applications, but when you look at it in the long run, I got the most out of them. It’s about building habits of using the tools that are available to you. I know numerous people who buy software or something that is there to serve them but they never end up in taking action. Don’t be one of those people, because you are just being the consumer that way. Polarize your efforts and make habits from your decisions.



Did you caught yourself reading too much unnecessary articles online. Running trough meaningless pages and pages of non productive content? This can really be huge productivity killer, especially if you spend countless hours idly surfing the web for unimportant information. Also this kind of behavior led me to numerous articles being lost and never found again, because I simply forgot where I’ve read them… I was looking for an adequate solution for quite a long time, now I’ve found it.