Effective teamwork: Lessons learnt from publishing Alpha Efficiency Magazine

Team Work

Lately we’ve been publishing a little less, with good reason. I’m very grateful that Darren finds the energy to jump in and help us keep the steady stream of content. We’ve been working hard to ship the first issue of Alpha Efficiency magazine, and we are very pleased to consider it a great success. What […]

Type Engine – the platform that I am greatly looking forward to

So what the hell is Type Engine? Newsstand publishing is the great marketplace. And I’ve been looking forward to getting into the Newsstand game for quite some time. I was harassing my friend to start coding the app itself for me, than I was on a lookout for Ed Dale’s MagCast and how to get […]

Alpha Efficient Monthly Coming To iPad Newsstand near you

Being Alpha Efficient, means being ready to change and adapt. Accept new opportunities, learning new things, consuming the right information in the right time. In order to make user experience superb, we are aiming to push out the first iPad magazine. This way, you will get the most relevant information from the web, neatly organized […]