Alpha Jailbreak – Ultimate Resource For Your iOS device


Ever since I got iPad, I was eager to jailbreak it. Simple as that. My initial smartphone experience came from unlucky Galaxy S Android, and I got used to messing around with operating system of my phone. iPad and later iPhone weren’t exception to this rule. I am techie guy, I like messing around with my technology.

10 Most Popular Alpha Efficiency Articles of 2011

It’s been a long year, and you, the readers, defined quite much of it. This is what you choose to read and what peaked your interest. Luckily these topics are also the topics that I am really passionate about. How did Google figure out what you and I share the passion for, I can not comprehend, but he did it. In case you missed these articles, it’s good, because they are going to get an update, because you choose to.

10 Reasons why I converted from Android to iPhone

Photo on 10-28-11 at 7.06 PM #2

As you may have already in my previous article, that Alpha Efficiency went Apple. I’ve ditched my Android phone and moved on to more suitable platform for me. After a week of playing around, I can safely say, that I have found my productivity heaven. If you are thinking of migrating to Apple, here are […]

Big list of programs that will increase your productivity

Hey guys! In my last article, I was talking about my gadgets, tools of the trade, and how I use them. In this article I will be writing on what software I am using and for each platform. A majority of my organizing is coming from my cell phone. So let me start from there. […]

List of resources required for flashing Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000

flashing samsung galaxy s

If you ever been stressed when you were rooting your phone, you are not alone in this. I had every problem, even major ones, while gathering list of these resources. Finally I changed my Android OS, but I didn’t have the patience to go through installation of custom roms. List of resources here is amazing and I only left those which worked for me. So if you wanna know what I’ve got and what I installed and tried that works. This article will be updated, as I continue to reflash my phone onto new ROM’s.

How to choose right productivity Ecosystem for yourself and your company

cloud clash of the giants

It was never more complicated to handle different devices that we have today. Main issue we’re facing are multiple operating systems and lack of creation of proper productivity ecosystem. Some of the devices and most of the features and applications aren’t cross compatibile. Most popular systems for computers and mobile devices are: Windows (XP and […]

Productivity report April – putting different habits into action together

Success Stairs

It’s fourth month, in my new years resolution. I’ve implemented many changes in my working environment that lead to increased happiness and overall satisfaction. I want to go through the habits I’ve developed so far. January – Working Out Every Day February – Writing Every Day March – Implementing Better Eating Habits April – Daily […]

8 apps and tips to skyrocket your Android productivity

Productivity Apps For Android

Get most out of your Android with these free, but POWERFUL applications. Learn huge benefits that you will get with these apps and tricks.

After being Android user for half a year I stumbled through a lot of applications. My main focus was on the applications that will increase your productivtiy and overall work performance. After testing dozens of app’s I found these to work for me. Being able to do small chunks of work, when it’s really important. Smart phones allow you this movability and comfort of remote work.

39 Chrome Extensions that I adore and that are making my life easier!

extensions for productivity

Lots of my friends that lean into productivity, are frequently asking me what extensions I use on Google Chrome. The great variety of extensions at our disposal make it hard to choose the right one, but I hope this list makes it easier for you and gives you inspiration and motivation to find out newest extensions […]

Plan your day perfectly in 7 simple steps

Having fancy looking pencil and notebook adds value to your planning

It’s a known fact that people who are planning their time, simply achieve more. Not only do you get visualization of your time when you plan it, you also figure out, right on the spot, which tasks are important, and those which aren’t. When you have a clear picture on what you need to do, everything is […]