Alpha Jailbreak – Ultimate Resource For Your iOS device

Ever since I got iPad, I was eager to jailbreak it. Simple as that. My initial smartphone experience came from unlucky Galaxy S Android, and I got used to messing around with operating system of my phone. iPad and later iPhone weren’t exception to this rule. I am techie guy, I like messing around with my technology.

10 Most Popular Alpha Efficiency Articles of 2011

It’s been a long year, and you, the readers, defined quite much of it. This is what you choose to read and what peaked your interest. Luckily these topics are also the topics that I am really passionate about. How did Google figure out what you and I share the passion for, I can not comprehend, but he did it. In case you missed these articles, it’s good, because they are going to get an update, because you choose to.

List of resources required for flashing Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000

flashing samsung galaxy s

If you ever been stressed when you were rooting your phone, you are not alone in this. I had every problem, even major ones, while gathering list of these resources. Finally I changed my Android OS, but I didn’t have the patience to go through installation of custom roms. List of resources here is amazing and I only left those which worked for me. So if you wanna know what I’ve got and what I installed and tried that works. This article will be updated, as I continue to reflash my phone onto new ROM’s.