Homescreens for iPhone, iPad and OS X: November 2012

Springboard apps for iPad

The way I organized the my OS X Home screen is the guideline for all the other devices in the system. I easily access the launchpad with a click of a mouse button. I am primarily using launch bar to access all of the apps, and similar stuff, but I like visual clean design of […]

Thoughts on jailbreaking your iOS device, should you do it?

iPhone Jailbreak

Jailbreaking your iOS device is easy and brings a lot of benefits. If it wasn’t for the jailbreak I would have a sense of prison with Apple’s restriction imposed on my hardware. Beware that the newest versions of iOS aren’t supporting jailbreak from the get go. Jailbreaking resources The important thing is that all of […]

Seamless #iPhone Blogging From @DraftsApp


For quite a while I was looking for iPhone blogging solution. In the meanwhile, my needs extended to markdown and easy HTML implementation. My search is over As Drafts became my default iPhone text input and idea backup, the logical next step was to find an app tha will handle markdown with ease and allow […]

iPhone 5 from iPhone 4 owner’s point of view

Courtesy of Raizal007 from Flickr, click the photo for the original

The glorified iPhone 5 announcement passed a couple of days ago, and I wanted to leave my thoughts related to that event. iPhone 5 is a good phone, but it’s not what I’ve expected. As many of other people, I wanted a little bit more. This way I am getting what every other Galaxy S3 […]

Power Users Guide To Launch Center Pro Workflow

Swipe Status Bar

<Geek Alert> This article is for those who use Launch Center Pro, Omnifocus and have jailbroken device. I don’t have detailed explanations and I assume that you know what I am talking about. In depth explantaions can be found in the included links. My previous Android experience left me craving a decent launcher on iOS, […]

10 Compelling reasons why you should really have an iPhone


People think that I am biased towards Apple. Those people who think that, never had an Apple device of their own. Luckily I've experienced my share of computing platforms in order to know better. I used to have a windows computer for more than 20 years, and after moving to my MacBook Pro, I've decided […]

Alpha Jailbreak – Ultimate Resource For Your iOS device


Ever since I got iPad, I was eager to jailbreak it. Simple as that. My initial smartphone experience came from unlucky Galaxy S Android, and I got used to messing around with operating system of my phone. iPad and later iPhone weren’t exception to this rule. I am techie guy, I like messing around with my technology.

Outer Game Podcast – Simple System and how to start it

All over the boards and blogs I have seen people trying to implement complicated systems like GTD or acquire too many habits that they can handle at the time. And eventually those people give in, they fumble and give up. Without even considering standing up. This trend is present everywhere. In this podcast I’ve explained […]

A couple of dirty Smartphone tricks to make you more efficient


Cell phones and smartphones are a hugeee time sink. Managing them is becoming ever difficult, because not only you are constantly with your phone, it’s also your place where you can check all that email that keeps poping out. It gets though, there is at least 5 distractions that can turn your phone into distraction nightmare. Once you go through this article and follow through with the actions you will be able to regain your peace once again and use your phone efficiently.

First impressions on OmniFocus – Ultimate task manager

desktop client omnifocus

First thing that made me think whether OmniFocus is good or not, was that it’s Apple only credo, that they follow for so long. You can only get OmniFocus on iOS and OS X. While this keeps it limited for anyone who isn’t totally under Apple umbrella, it has it’s own advantages.