Review of Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure by @fwade

For past three years I’ve been through numerous productivity products and books. And up until now, not a single one of them inspired so much excitement about productivity as “Bill’s Im-perfect Time Management Adventure”. There is a reason for it. One thing that makes this book stand out There is a big difference it, one… [Read More]

Review of “Getting Things Done” By David Allen

Getting Things Done

This time around we are going to review Getting Things Done. A methodology developed by David Allen. This methodology appeals to the geek culture on the internet, and especially to the programers, due it’s structural and logarithmical approach. It allows you to assemble tight plans and enhance your productivity, if you have clear tasks. Numerous… [Read More]

10 Most Popular Alpha Efficiency Articles of 2011

It’s been a long year, and you, the readers, defined quite much of it. This is what you choose to read and what peaked your interest. Luckily these topics are also the topics that I am really passionate about. How did Google figure out what you and I share the passion for, I can not comprehend, but he did it. In case you missed these articles, it’s good, because they are going to get an update, because you choose to.