Review of Origami Case and how it stacks with iPhone 6+

Improve Your Iphone6 Writing Workflow 2

It Started When I Noticed That My Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Collects The Dust My Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard was laying around the house and collecting the dust without too much use on it. When I recieved it as a present, it was used as a part of my desktop docking station for my MacBook Air… [Read More]

Phase Two Of Quitting Google: Search

In the last blog post I mentioned that I’ve Quit Chrome. The blow is even bigger when I mention that on my iOS devices I am exclusively using Safari for my browsing. Now in order to start this article on the right foot, I want to talk about the alternate search engine… Illusion of choice The… [Read More]

Seamless #iPhone Blogging From @DraftsApp


For quite a while I was looking for iPhone blogging solution. In the meanwhile, my needs extended to markdown and easy HTML implementation. My search is over As Drafts became my default iPhone text input and idea backup, the logical next step was to find an app tha will handle markdown with ease and allow… [Read More]

Cydia Tweak Review: IntelliScreen X

Now, instead of standard review of the productivity stuff, I decided to test something fun and totally unproductive. This tweak is your lock screen tweak and integrates Twitter and Facebook seamlessly.   I liked the product. It's a 10$ purchucse on Cydia. I believe you can ripp them off and try it for a couple… [Read More]