Phase Two Of Quitting Google: Search

In the last blog post I mentioned that I’ve Quit Chrome. The blow is even bigger when I mention that on my iOS devices I am exclusively using Safari for my browsing. Now in order to start this article on the right foot, I want to talk about the alternate search engine… Illusion of choice The […]

Seamless #iPhone Blogging From @DraftsApp


For quite a while I was looking for iPhone blogging solution. In the meanwhile, my needs extended to markdown and easy HTML implementation. My search is over As Drafts became my default iPhone text input and idea backup, the logical next step was to find an app tha will handle markdown with ease and allow […]

Cydia Tweak Review: IntelliScreen X

Now, instead of standard review of the productivity stuff, I decided to test something fun and totally unproductive. This tweak is your lock screen tweak and integrates Twitter and Facebook seamlessly.   I liked the product. It's a 10$ purchucse on Cydia. I believe you can ripp them off and try it for a couple […]

Phase One Of Quitting Google: Ditching Chrome

You remember me saying all the praises about Google Chrome being the best browser on the web. That one still remains true, but as I stated in the previous article, all the information that Google collects end up swimming in the same pool of information that will readily be available to our governments to track […]

Predictions 2012: 10 productivity upgrades that we are waiting for

building the future

2011 was a great year for productivity. Tons of great apps came out, some of the old ones got better, and Apple pushed out iCloud that changed the game completely. Google polished it’s Android with Ice Cream Sandwich. Lots of great great things changed the way we work, share and entertain ourselves. But we as […]

Outer Game Podcast – Simple System and how to start it

All over the boards and blogs I have seen people trying to implement complicated systems like GTD or acquire too many habits that they can handle at the time. And eventually those people give in, they fumble and give up. Without even considering standing up. This trend is present everywhere. In this podcast I’ve explained […]

Screencast: Workflow in OS X Lion with Short App reviews

In this screen cast I’ve explained how I am setting up workflow on my Mac. For the purpose of this tutorial you will need any Mac powered computer. All of the inputs made in this video were made with my logitech mouse and it’s additional buttons. But it’s not necessary. Any mouse will do, along with […]

First impressions on OmniFocus – Ultimate task manager

desktop client omnifocus

First thing that made me think whether OmniFocus is good or not, was that it’s Apple only credo, that they follow for so long. You can only get OmniFocus on iOS and OS X. While this keeps it limited for anyone who isn’t totally under Apple umbrella, it has it’s own advantages.

10 Reasons why I converted from Android to iPhone

Photo on 10-28-11 at 7.06 PM #2

As you may have already in my previous article, that Alpha Efficiency went Apple. I’ve ditched my Android phone and moved on to more suitable platform for me. After a week of playing around, I can safely say, that I have found my productivity heaven. If you are thinking of migrating to Apple, here are […]

Alpha Efficiency went Apple

Alpha Efficiency Going Apple

Yesterday I am got the last part of my own productivity puzzle. It’s an iPhone. This means that I won’t be writing anymore articles on Android, but iPhone users rejoice. After testing out the Apple environment on my laptop and iPad, I came to conclusion that Apple suite (and cloud) is providing better user experience overall, along with the higher productivity, what this blog is all about.