Set Your Mind In Motion

Objects that are still have tendencies of staying still.

Objects that are in movement, tend to keep moving.

All objects tend to retain status quo of their current state. That’s why I face procrastination issues lateley in the early mornings. And I am contemplating, why am I standing still.

I completely failed by touching my cell phone to check work email. My first impression was working, than I saw the task that I have to get done during the day and I started procrastinating, instead of completing my morning routine.

Morning routines are extremely important, because they prepare you for the day. They are setting you in motion. Cultivating the habit of morning routine is becoming ever more critical.

If you start your day the right way, the entire day that follows will be similar to the morning you started.

I know this, because I’ve used to cultivate the morning routine. I have a “Morning Routine” context in my OmniFocus. And it started to be daunting task. A task that I’ve started procrastinating on.

And I am getting back on track. See, nobody is perfect. You will always have that 2 weeks long vacation that will screw up your habits, you will always have something that will put you out of balance.

The problem doesn’t lie in falling out of balance, the problem lies in the fact that people tend to stay where they fell down. And if you have the gutts and courage to admit that you fell down, you are going to climb up again.

Stop avoiding pain, set yourself in motion. Defeat procrastination. And stop reading blogs, get that work done!


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    Exactly what I’ve been thinking about recently. The morning routine simply puts you in “that mindset”. Eating the healthy breakfast in a way ensures that you will aim for healthier meals throughout the day, doing those morning stretches says that you are going to pay attention in staying into shape to an extent. And getting your hands on work early morning sets the phase for later on when productivity is concerned.

    So it’s just fitting to say I guess, that the morning sets the phase for the entire day regardless of which segment of productivity, self-improvement or success we are talking about. And if people think that they will still procrastinate after a good morning routine, then they are off by a long shot.

    I recently wrote a post on fighting procrastination and will be glad if you take a look.

    Your articles always make me think. And that’t a good thing, because it all starts from there 😉

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    How do you check your morning routine in OF? Is is set up as a project, with daily recurring tasks?

    With my daily routine, I see all of the tasks left from yesterday. Or I have to select the “MORNING” perspective, which is only the routine tasks. How do you do it?