Lifestyle Updated

Been thinking on the topic of lifestyle, done a few Periscopes on the issue, have a few articles completed, but still don’t feel I’ve made a final touch on the topic. The main reason as to why I am being careful before publishing the advice on the lifestyle, is because I wanted to make sure that it is not an echo of my own reality that overshadows the readers reality.

Lifestyle is a very personal issue, as none of us have the same starting points, and further more, we don’t have the same goals. This resulted in me seeking a couple of starting point baselines, and the least a couple of the least common denominators regarding the ultimate goals.

The biggest realization is that you and your belief about lifestyle is probably rooted in the mentality of hard work. We have a reality that is heavily biased towards action. The startup culture has lead us to believe that success is only achieved through massive actions, getting out there and just doing it. I observed this trend, and noticed that majority of people crash and burn, and massive action and it’s momentum is highly negative towards the very quality of lifestyle, making it a mere dream, instead of a common reality.

Always bare in mind that this is a workers mentality. Workers mentality is never going to make you more productive. You as a lifestyle designer, need to understand that you need to trade money for time, so that you can obtain even more money. It’s about making smart calculated investments into the lifestyle that you want to accomplish. It is far more important to do that one thing that will get the snowball rolling, than doing it all by yourself.

Feel that upcoming issue will set the future standards of Alpha Efficiency, and will force you to think more as a team player, more than just as an isolated individual.