Double your efficiency with well organized workplace

I’ve just written the article that I wrote previously.  It was published on December 29th.  My mind shifted since than in a major way.  While I was giving out the reasons before, why you need to have an organized desk, don’t watch YouTube and all other common knowledge.

I made a commitment to make this blog a better place, and I will extinguish any sort of mediocre content.  Now I will keep focus of this article on how to be organized and I will have an unconventional approach to it.  When we have stuff, we have something to organize actually.  We are doomed to own objects, but what we don’t realize is that we have to many stuff, our minds start to clog.  We keep track of all the things that we own.

This by itself is creating the convolusion in our minds, that leads us to brain overload.  We have to think where we left anything, how old is it, is it worth throwing or keeping?  Consumerism society led us to owning all that useless junk.  Now that useless junk is not something you need, even if it seems appealing.

The solution to organizing, not only your workplace, but rather and the house to booth as well, I have one single tip: “Don’t own to many of the stuff!

Once  you don’t have items, there is nothing to organize.  This way you are avoiding the process of organization even if you aren’t that good at it.

Minimalism is the key to solid work environment!