Meet Top 10 Tools That Define Bojan’s Writing Workflow In 2015

Writing Workflow

Before I jump to the tools that define my writing workflow, I would like to tell you a story of how these tools got together, and how they create great digital publishing environment. This workflow will amaze you and make you more productive, whether you want to publish a book, write a blog post, or create… [Read More]

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About The Word Count As A Writer


Word Count Made Me Feel Incomplete Lately I’ve been obsessed with writing a lot of meaningful content, but for some reason I’ve never felt Like it was finished. Perhaps I had a desire to recreate a lot of science based, research driven content that I’ve been reading on the Buffer blog, however I recognize that… [Read More]

The Ongoing Debate Of Tidy And Messy Desk

The battle of tidy and messy desk is whole lot of BS. Ultimate question is: do you get goals accomplished? People have various desks, and accomplish differently… Personally I hate mess… But mess is a consequence of work. If you are anywhere like me, you will not leave desk messy, as subconsciously you will let yourself procrastinate… [Read More]

Insights about Working environment and relations to your goal output

Now that I don’t have proper working environment, I realize how important it is for your goal getting. Having a neat working desk that you regularly use to work, study and expand is not only beneficiary, it is also highly important for your personal development. Without proper working environment we don’t stand a chance of… [Read More]