Deliver first, Challenge Second: The Secret to Managing Your Boss and Getting Ahead

Most people would recognize this scenario: Your boss comes over with a “super urgent” task that he needs you to get onto right away. To you, it seems like a total waste of time and you could do without another “top priority” goose-chase weighing you down. To you, the challenge isn’t managing the task, it’s […]

The Ongoing Debate Of Tidy And Messy Desk

The battle of tidy and messy desk is whole lot of BS. Ultimate question is: do you get goals accomplished? People have various desks, and accomplish differently… Personally I hate mess… But mess is a consequence of work. If you are anywhere like me, you will not leave desk messy, as subconsciously you will let yourself procrastinate […]

Insights about Working environment and relations to your goal output

Now that I don’t have proper working environment, I realize how important it is for your goal getting. Having a neat working desk that you regularly use to work, study and expand is not only beneficiary, it is also highly important for your personal development. Without proper working environment we don’t stand a chance of […]

Weekly Review – Impact of @1Password, Typography and @BrainCutlery Manifesto

In personal terms, some big things happened last week, I’ve bought my tickets for USA, and now it’s a flight waiting game. As I make my move, I believe it will have a dramatic impact on my work, my style and even topics that I write here. Health wise I felt dramatically better, so I’ve […]

The musings about my Generation Y

I was reading an article on MindJet blog on how to motivate the generation Y. We are very different generation, unconventional. We have a lot of demands according to this article, but do not offer a lot of structure for the baby boomers standards. Well to hell with their standards, let markets prove us wrong. […]

Complete Markdown Guide For People With Apples

It took quite a while, before I completely adopted markdown, not only as a syntax language that it really is, but more so like the way of thinking, phrasing, editing and writing my content. So if you were a complete newb to lingo of the internet, in that case syntax language might sound odd. But […]

19 Keyboard shortcuts for Writers #mac #productivity

Apple Wireless Keyboard

So you recently started writing, but you are still using your mouse to pin point locations in your text? Even if you are writing veteran, and you are using mouse, than you’re on the right place. This article is written specifically for you. These keyboard shortcuts are specifically useful for writers, but for anyone else […]

Clutter is #productivity turn off

Mess is a huge turn off for productivity. The less I have the better I get. When I have too much stuff in the “working zone”, I tend to hate it, leave it and don’t frequent back to it often. Virtual Clutter ? Does that exist ? This stands for virtual, as well as it […]

Who is in Charge of Your Waiting For List?

Influence colleagues for a shorter waiting for list

How much control do you have over your Waiting For list? Do you have a good Waiting For to Completed ratio? If you examine your GTD lists, your waiting for list is the one list that allegedly you can’t control. You are totally dependent on other people’s performance and their interest or ability to comply […]

Lessons from my fling with a 9 to 5

Commute Frenzy

I know that there are many of you out there who are dreaming big about their online business, while working for someone else. Financial urge pushed me into getting the job, so I can take things do the next level. Luckily, I am a positive thinker, and instead of working less on my blog, I will actually invest more of my time efficiently into pushing out meaningful content.