Three New Things on Alpha Efficiency And One Is About You

Some good news are coming up. Darren and I are stabilizing our career choices, and Alpha Efficiency is undergoing a face lift. Beside the new design of the website, a content that is coming out is going to move in a slightly different direction. Tackling the issues of Startups Productivity will still be a cornerstone […]

How Many Apps You Tried This Month?

I’m not going to call out anyone specifically, but there are a number of well-known bloggers who I follow and respect very much, yet week after week it seems like they discover a new iPhone task tracking app or some holy grail full-screen text editor that promises to revolutionize hipster productivity. And that’s fine — […]

Blinkist Review: From Craving Ideas To Idea Factory


How We Started Craving More Ideas Ideas come to those that seek them. Having an awesome idea is about connecting things at the right time and in the right place. But as the number of distractions increases, the number of ideas we consume on a daily basis is shrinking. We live in a busy world. […]

Google Docs Workflow Experiment And Initial Impressions


Lately, I’ve been doing quite a lot of writing in Google Docs, and these are some of my thoughts. The Good When several people collaborate on the same document, Google Docs is incredibly powerful. Suggestions to edits and collaborative workflow outmatch Microsoft Word by insane margin. Didn’t even have a chance to compare it to […]

Cross platform consistency with writing apps

Wondering is it worth sacrificing cross platform consistency for the sake of power user features. In the end I believe I already made a choice of sticking with Dropbox and writing apps ecosystem around it. Provides enough of the variety to make it worth a while. On the other hand Editorial is quite powerful and […]

Book Review: Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell

Book Review Tipping-Point

What is actually a “Tipping Point”? There are moments when the spread of the diseases reaches a tipping point, from that point on it is not a break out anymore, it is an epidemic. In this book Malcolm Gladwell isn’t covering the sickness epidemics, however he does cover the disease of the mind. The tipping […]

Our Baby Steps In Outsourcing

A lot of folks from productivity niche have started raving about virtual assistants. Over the last couple of years I’ve generated some virtual assistants experience, but not up until now was I able to afford them in continuity. I believe that virtual assistants are actually the best way to increase your productivity, especially with juggling […]

Starting A New Job: Why You Should Go Back to Basics

I’m just about to start a new job. It’s no big deal, except that I’m moving from a job where I know exactly what I need to be doing, who to talk to and what I’m talking about to a job where I know none of those things. Am I freaking out? Ok, maybe slightly. […]

So We Took a Break


These last six months have been pretty full on for Bojan and me; Bojan’s been working hard to carve his new professional niche in the States and I’ve been making some big career decisions too. Against this backdrop, we’ve been pushing hard on our passion project: Alpha Efficiency. The publication of Alpha Efficiency Magazine Issue […]

Is Eisenhower a Productivity Myth?


In Issue 3 of Alpha Efficiency Magazine I wrote an article describing the benefits of applying the Urgent/Important matrix to assess how well you’re prioritizing the tasks in your life. As part of my research for the article, I was desperately trying to find the provenance of a quote that is much repeated across the […]