Is Eisenhower a Productivity Myth?


In Issue 3 of Alpha Efficiency Magazine I wrote an article describing the benefits of applying the Urgent/Important matrix to assess how well you’re prioritizing the tasks in your life. As part of my research for the article, I was desperately trying to find the provenance of a quote that is much repeated across the […]

Return To The Mac

After a long time spent focusing on iOS, I return to more OS X centered paradigm. I spend at least 7 hours every day on a Mac, and I’ve been a part of this iOS craze that is running rampant on the streets of the interwebs. This thought plagued me today, as I was going […]

Demise Of iCloud Collaboration And Return To Google Spreadsheets

Since I started working in a company where Google Apps is the standard, my stance on Google has changed. My main source of income is brought to me through my extensive knowledge of Google Adwords platform; furthermore my office uses Google Apps for all of our documents and correspondence. We use Gmail, Google Docs and […]

Get a Day of Your Life Back Every Single Week With Mind Mapping

Mind Map

As you walked into your office this morning you were already thinking about everything that you needed to accomplish today. On the way to your desk, a co-worker stopped you to ask about key deliverables on an important project; when you reached your desk you were confronted with several urgent voicemail and email messages. You […]

Witnessing The Rock Bottom Of Productivity Porn

Saw a post from Gabe migrating from Omnifocus to text files. I thought Omnifocus was a bit of an overkill perhaps productivity porn, but boy I was wrong! This article REDEFINES the boundaries of productivity porn. Just so you get the idea of the depth and the level this goes, take a peak at some […]

Deliver first, Challenge Second: The Secret to Managing Your Boss and Getting Ahead

Most people would recognize this scenario: Your boss comes over with a “super urgent” task that he needs you to get onto right away. To you, it seems like a total waste of time and you could do without another “top priority” goose-chase weighing you down. To you, the challenge isn’t managing the task, it’s […]

4 Types of Procrastination and How to Beat Them

This is a guest post by Mark Panay We all procrastinate but most of us don’t really consider the reasons why we do it. There’s a tendency to assume that we procrastinate because we are weak or we’d simply rather be doing something more fun. In my experience, there are several types of procrastination and […]

Review: Contemplating Scrivener And Why I Decided Not to Pursue It, For Now

Conflicting Thoughts On Scrivener Working in Scrivener at first feels like a huge hassle, as you have far too much settings. And at the end of the day, I am not sure that I need all these features. But on the other hand it is interesting and refreshing playing around with the new application. The […]

One Overlooked Feature That Will Take Your Evernote Collaboration To The Next Level

Evernote voicemail screenshot

Evernote is a pretty amazing tool. Sometimes the biggest challenge can be figuring out exactly what you can do with it. I can still remember first reading about Evernote and thinking “I can’t see myself using it that much.” Then, discovering ideas like receipt scanning, web clipping, idea boards and more, I started to use […]

Why We Disagree With Asian Efficiency on Goal Setting

Just over a year ago I wrote a post outlining why I disagreed with Bojan on his reasons for quitting GTD. As a result of the discussion that followed, Bojan and I are not only great friends with a mutual respect for each other but business partners working together to help improve the productivity of […]