Guys Guide to hacking sex, testosterone and increasing productivity

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In order to understand the complex relation between sex and productivity, first we need to understand the relation between testosterone and sex. For guys these two go hand in hand. Testosterone is a muscle building hormone, and the more testosterone you have, more likely you will produce more of it. The more testosterone you have,… [Read More]

David Sparks: Review Of Clipsy

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David Sparks covered fancy new app from the people that brought us Dispatch mail client. I highly recommend that you check out his review. It’s a clipboard manager. I always enjoyed clipboard managers on my Mac, and there were multiple occasions when I needed one on my phone. Definitively app worth checking out.

Quantity vs Quality


When I go through my RSS, I tend to admire the quantity of writing some bloggers dish out. In respect to the amount of words they push, I also see consistent quality, that doesn’t wear off. This goes hand in hand with my belief that quantity of work you do, also increases the quality. Practice… [Read More]

Three New Things on Alpha Efficiency And One Is About You

Every day new beginning

Some good news are coming up. Darren and I are stabilizing our career choices, and Alpha Efficiency is undergoing a face lift. Beside the new design of the website, a content that is coming out is going to move in a slightly different direction. Tackling the issues of Startups Productivity will still be a cornerstone… [Read More]

How Many Apps You Tried This Month?


I’m not going to call out anyone specifically, but there are a number of well-known bloggers who I follow and respect very much, yet week after week it seems like they discover a new iPhone task tracking app or some holy grail full-screen text editor that promises to revolutionize hipster productivity. And that’s fine —… [Read More]